Your earliest memory of WoW

As the title says, what’s your first WoW memory.

Mine is running from Ironforge to to Teldrassil when level 11 and dying a lot along the way to the random mobs along the way.

Looking for Manriks wife in barrens.


It was my second day in WoW when I was walking from Goldshire to Stormwind.

They said Stormwind is a cool place, this is why I went there.

Dying to everything in the starter zone on my first character :rofl:

Dying to Luzran cause I thought I was strong enough to defeat him.What a mistake lol.

killing mobs for hours with 0 quest because i didnt understand what a quest was


Getting the boat to the nelf shores that had the dock destroyed, that area was cool :sunglasses:! Then going horde and realising how wrong I was! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My earliest memories are:

My Dwarf Hunter called Drentor, and my Priest in Westfall helping people being in a pinch with the mobs there.
I am not sure which one of them is the earliest one, but I think the priest was it when WoW offered 10 days of game time during a promotion in Vanilla or so.

Oh that’s easy. I tried WoW like 1 or 2 years before I really committed to playing it. I did The Northshire quests and as soon as I got to Goldshire I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of exclamation marks on the minimap in different colors (might have been a Blingtron mixed in those I’m not sure). So I didn’t really feel like playing any more and it took me another attempt later to really start playing.

My only MMO experience back then was L2 so when I reached Ironforge for the first time I thought it was a good idea to buy my gear from the local vendor… :rofl:

My memory’s not great but, previous to WoW, I played historic city builders (Caesar III, Pharaoh etc) and I do remember that I was amazed that things happened while I wasn’t online. It was a world that was there 24/7.

My only other clear memory was when, towards the end of vanilla, a priest helped me with a quest and I discovered that priests could produce dps as well as healing. I had thought they could only heal … I had been playing a paladin since the start but I really wasn’t getting on with melee very well. I persisted with my pally for a while in TBC but finally I made a priest and the rest is history. I was discipline back then because (once again a misunderstanding) I thought SPs couldn’t heal.

Forgot my best memory. My computor was so bad that if i took zeppelin from Durotar loading screen took so much time that zeppelin returned and i was stuck there. If i needed to go stv or uc, i needed to contact gm and ask them to move my character there.

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The cataclysm starting screen. I grew up on the borderlands between the highlands and lowlands of Scotland. So, I never really experienced much of the early 2000-2010 internet. I had just gotten my first laptop, which was terrible. I downloaded the free trial of the game and played it till the level restriction but could never convince my parents to pay a sub. I had a blast, then never picked up the game again till Legion, but then university got in the way, and I truly got into it in BFA. I haven’t stopped playing since.

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Making my first character, a Human Rogue, and despairing as my mother told me that Rogues are really hard and I should try to play something else. I can’t remember what I played after but eventually stuck with Nelf Druid.

Running into an alliance guy in Darkshore, or Ashenvale, well on that naga beach next to a Horde stronghold and figuring out he’s another player after killing him. Also how impressed I was by the Darkshore ambiance.


moving under the old dalaran in the crystal song forest for hours and then trying to find a big mountain that reaches the dalaran city :rofl: :rofl:


Finally getting to Darkshore on my newbie nelf and seeing a hunter riding a cat, with a cat pet and a cat mini pet! I was awestruck!

most traumatizing memory though is def farming basalisks in STV for my very first lvl 40 mount.

Around 2004/2005. Watching people getting killed around Auberdine by horde characters named after furniture and decorations in Swedish and giggling at it with my mom. Names like lamp and rug. We were low lvls fresh out of Teldrassil. This was on Stormscale. I moved to Argent Dawn eventually, but that has to be one of my earliest memories. I don’t even remember what class I had then.

But for AD I made a human warrior who went without talent points until lvl 20. xD Then I caught a conversation about some trees in guild chat and I honestly thought they were talking about some forest. :rofl:

Good old newbie days. :slight_smile:


Spawning in Durotan lev 1 back in the early 2006 and one guy lev 60 was there and he greeted me… he explained me stuff, what to do and we became friends. Drakandar I still remember his name.

It is thanks to a friendly player and his guild and the wow community back then that made me love this game. He’s not playing anymore and I lost contacts, but his legacy still lives in my heart. :heart:


Killing Troggs in Coldridge Valley on the Gnome Mage I had made. Having played runescape before trying WoW I thought the only way to level up was to kill things. It took me a few days to work out what a quest was.