Your experience finding a dungeon group - 13-42 content

Good day everyone,

I am a returning classic player and before I subscribe, I just wanted to learn of your current experiences on classic era servers for finding groups for level 1-42 dungeon content.

Are you struggling to find a group/typing in chat for a long time?

I was keen to start on TBC classic servers so I had the additional content to progress to, however I’m really put off by the portal level boost, incoming xp buff you can’t turn off, the bots etc. I think that all completely invalidates your hard work & time investment, which is supposed to be the point of the mmorpg genre.

Without a guild it’s very difficult and on Classic Era, which is the 1-60 version, most who want to be 60 already are and may level the odd alt. Classic Era has it’s own forum. You will get more replies there. You can move your post using the pencil next to the title.

There people there are in two categories, the deniers and the realists over the Era population levels.

Hi Dottie, when I try to move it using the pencil, the WoW Classic General Discussion does not show, only guild recruitment.

When I go to WoW Classic General Discussion Forum and click the “New Topic” button, it does not do anything. I can also not reply to other threads in that forum.

All of these issues are likely connected, but I do not know what is causing that…

Oh right, you need to be subscribed to post there, sorry.

If I was you I’d buy a subscription then after payment is made cancel it so you can play for a month, otherwise you would need to buy 2 months game time. Then check the game out.

Classic realms are connected into 3 groups, PvE, PvP1 called the Firemaw Group and PvP2 called the Gehennas group. Playing on a PvE realm doesn’t matter due to the connections, but one PvP group has more players than the other, the Firemaw group, I believe.

The connections mean that it’s like one big realm for all those in it, a shared AH, guilds everything. If you send anything to anyone in the game the name format is Danthetank-Morgaine, that’s about the only thing that’s different from a normal realm

I say big but really the population isn’t that large, a few thousand at most, and most people only raid log. No doubt someone will be along to disagree with me sometime.

If I was you I would choose TBC realms as within a few months, we don’t know exactly as it could be a few more, Classic Wrath is coming out. Most peoples guess is the pre-patch in a few weeks to September as they are starting the XP boost, which thy call the “Joyous Journey” a few weeks before the pre-patch.

Since summer ends in September, the 1st or the 21st, depending on which one you use, it could be as late as that.

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