Your Friendly DK DD LF Guild

(Ulitharid) #1

I’d really-really like to join a guild willing to really progress (raid/dung M+) in a friendly environment. I really enjoy DD but can tank if needed.
I did my HUldir and some M+10s in November if it means anything.
I got 375+ ilvl or smth like that.

(Libbi) #2

Hi Ulitharid

I have noticed that you are looking for a new home. We are on a different server and faction but If you read our recruitment post and wouldn’t mind changing, then we are currently looking for dps and a DK would be an excellent addition to our team.

Here is the link to our recruitment post.

We will raid Heroic content, 2 nights a week (Monday and Wednesday) 8.30pm - 11.30pm Server time

Feel free to contact myself or one of the officers for a chat.

Libbi: Bnet - Pinky#2953 / Discord – tilleymint#7370
Zaphkiel: Bnet - Silverwillo#2290 / Discord – silverwillo#5715
Ashandarei: Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792

We look forward to hearing from you!

(Ulitharid) #3

Sry, but “hoard4life”



The Brink is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild on Argent Dawn! We are 2/8 Mythic and 8/8HC. We are full to the brim with Tanks and Healers, so luckily for you we have a shiny DPS slot open for a DK like you!

Every week we run keystone dungeons with a minimum of +10 for the sake of gearing people and maximising opportunities. We also have an active community within Discord and in-game! We all like to Meme around in discord during/away from raiding, sometimes even having fun games of Overwatch between raids. We raid on Wednesdays & Thursdays, 8pm-11pm (Server Time), with an optional raid at the same time on Mondays.

We have already had one person server transfer to join us recently, and they have said they absolutely enjoy the fact they transferred, having provided us with the class viability to get to 2/8 Mythic.

Have any questions? Please reply here or contact me ingame, Sparda#22469. We also have a website that you can apply from;


Hey there! I’m wondering if we would suit you, we are looking for DPS with Tank off-specs to fill our raiding team. Message my tag Corescript#2485 if you are interested!


Hello there :)!

I’m Alao, Critz and Giggles GM on the Magtheridon server.

We are still looking for a couple of DPS to strengthen our raid team for BoD (and having an tanking OS is a big +)!

Feel free to read our recruitment post!

We recently had a few new people transfering from other servers, so if you’re willing to consider to transfer server and you have any questions or you want more information, feel free to add either Entia or me on battlenet and we’ll have a little chat :).

Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,