Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP Classic Era is dead

Since Zandalar Tribe is the only RP-PVP realm on EU, it got no connected realms. Tonight there were ten online players on horde. Six of them were level 60 including myself. Unless there’s a miracle, this realm is dead on arrival. As an active RP community member I can assure you that none of the roleplayes are staying for Classic Era so I suggest to immediately connect Zandalar Tribe to other PVP realms to solve the problem.


i also wanted to play on classic era but it seems that zandalar tribe atm is unplayable theres no even enough ppl to form a zulgurub group on allience side and then i went and checked on other servers and there was actually population so im hoping for a connection

I concur. The realm is dead atm, we do need a merger soon as possible.

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I hope for no connection of ZT or HW to any other realms. The (*) after a person’s name destroys my immersion.

My suggestion would be to just transfer away from ZT with your classic char.


(*) after name does not exist on classic era :wink:


classic era servers are doomed to die out

Same on alliance side, this will get worse quick. Consider merging us with the pvp clusters.

Give it time,

HW had lots of players still online, even now we have enough for a few groups. You do know that TBC has just come out, so people play there first. In a few weeks months, the classic realms will be back with their original population.

At retail when classic came out, there were no raids going for days too, as everyone played classic and those realms were xrealm.

Dont be so impatient, classic with xrealm is dead. I often wonder about these threads why you play classic? Wasnt it to escape the toxicity xrealm brought?


This is interesting, because it is the same with RP-PVE-Celebras. We were tiny before and era is even tinier, but proportionally, looking at other servers, quite a few people stayed. I am not surprised that some of the rp-server croud is inclined towards staying in Classic.

This might be a bit optimistic.

I think people on RP just value the community aspect more and therefore care less about having a raid today or tomorrow. This might change in a few weeks, if truly not enough players are available to raid, but I also met some people who told me that they left their original pve realm to join the RP, as they dislike the connected realm idea and therefore believe that the RP realm will offer them a better community feel / classic feeling. I saw quite a few people leveling up chars yesterday.

In the end, I would love to see how it plays out if a few servers are not connected. They could become a unique opportunity to play classic with a server only AH, community that only consists of people from the same realm.

If it dosnt work, they can still connect the german and international RP realm, but for now I would wait.


Most people on Celebras seem to dislike this idea, because of the language barrier. I get that. My English is ok, I guess, but of course it is harder to rp in English as a foreign language than to write “lfg heal”, so they would rather stay alone or be connected to the German PVE-servers. I do think, the communities could be a good match, though. Alas, I am playing TBCC now, because all of my friends went there. I will be watching the developments from afar and wish you all the best of luck and a great time on Era! /bow

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We populated that server for 2 years, 14 years after it forcibly diappeared.
I believe it’ll get populated again very very slowly after people start getting tired of Outland and flying mining picks.


You dont know if its dead or just in hibernation.


Current state of the RP servers are indeed very depressing. My suggestion would be connecting ZT with HW into a RP realm, with an option of free character transfer to PvP servers for ZT characters
This way RP players will have a better chance at creating a community and those who wish to engage in pvp may do so in the pvp servers


Well ZT rp of the server died in phase 2. At this point people are stuck there and only way out is via paid xfer. Blizzard needs to do one of two things if they want to save player subs from ZT server.

Option one - connect ZT to pvp server cluster.
Option two - give free xfer to any of the pvp server clusters.

I have 7 characters on ZT Classic Era, I would rather quit wow than pay 25$ for every characters transfers.

I will give ZT server and Classic Era in general few weeks for dust to settle down, but if nothing changes and peak online is 12 players - well off I go, it was a good ride, see you in WOTLK.


Need server merge for ZT. Or atleast provide a free char transfer without any gold limits…

Aye! We need a merge or sth…

Or just keep people coming! Its a nice server, no bots! No boosts! :wink:
We get groups going, even raided Kazzak and Azuregos successfully yesterday!
~ 20 People online, action house not empty, guilds are forming, PVP at Stranglethorn arena, etc…

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It’ll probably be fine. People are trickling back already. All the zoomers who paid for boosts and min-maxed the fun out of the game have gone to be TBC, the server culture will be much improved in the long.


Actually, I remember from when I was very active in the forums, before they announced the server list, that a lot of RP players were against RP servers believing that they’d become deserted quite fast.

While that has proven to be wrong (even when a lot of RP players didn’t play in ZT; me included, started with IRL friends on a different server) there must be still a lot of RP players who will want to stay in Classic Era.

And I think ZT might be the perfect destination for Classic Era playerbase. Epic-thirsters to TBC, RPlayers to Classic Era.

So rather than running away from the perfect RP destination, we should be patient and wait for the actual RPlayers to eventually get to their promised land.

Some promotion of the server would be helpful towards this achievement. Not that I’d do it, but maybe someone would.