Zul’Jin did nothing wrong

Da Amani Neva give up. We Neva die.


There is a chance for the remaining trolls to join the Horde now that the Zandalari are on board with us. But make no delusion, the Amani will not get their lands back. They can have Zul’Aman but Quel’thalas is elven land now and the trolls need to accept that and move on.

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Not watching the video right now, but Zul’jin was really badly handled. A champion of the Armani, that united them through wholly voluntary means, and that had legitimate grieveances with Horde and Alliance? A master of guerilla warfare, that can rain on our parade any day? Now that’s a villain that should have some staying power. A villain you can kinda cheer for, while you are fighting him to protect your people. The Amani kinda got the short end of the stick, when Blizzard decided to partially absolve the orcs of the first Horde with the demon blood excuse, though, while the trolls were fully themselves.

But killing Zul’jin in a throwaway raid without any content around him? Just a shame…


Well he has a good well written story, until he gets axed in TBC. (God knows there are a lot of contemporary characters, who shared that fate xD) This was before Blizz realised that killing all their big name characters faster than they could establish them was ultimately unsustainable.

Reconciling the whole Amani vs everyone situation could be an interesting storyline to explore once we get back to Azeroth. Can’t be just in passing tho like it was the two previous times otherwise they will just get flamebroiled again.


The Amani? never. They hate Blood elves and Darkspear too much.

Revantusk on the other hand? Possible

Zandalari hold much authority over the lesser tribes. Amani need to get over Zul’jin and accept the future where they need protection from the Horde against the alliance.

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We need protection from your kind, puny elf.

Or have you forgotten there are 11 dungeons where horde and Alliance kill troll cities.

Or the quests in eversong woods literally genocide us.


That’s not genocide, otherwise every single quest we do is literally genocide, against not only enemy people but animals too. Those quests were made in TBC and the Blood Elves had to attack the Amani because they couldn’t let the trolls to attack them in Eversong and Ghostlands where they were busy with the Scourge already. Today probably the Blood Elves stopped and only defend themselves if the Trolls attack them.

Also genocide should only be used for big events like the Burning of Teldrassil, or Scourge invasion of Quel’thalas, Old Horde killing Draenei, destruction of Gnomeregan (self-inflicted by the Gnomes tho), and other mass murders like these ones where a lot of the CIVILIAN population of a race die (and not just warriors/soldiers of an army)

The Amani basically never suffered a real genocide of their population instead, because everytime they lost a war (that they usually started), the High Elves or Blood Elves allowed them to survive. If you think about it the Blood Elves could have killed them all after the Troll Wars, after the Second War, after the death of Zul’jin and Daakara, but the Blood Elves (and the Horde) always left the Amani population alone after they were defeated in a big war in the past. Yes they killed a lot of Amani but never almost all of them despite they actually had several chances to do it.

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Very few events in the history of Warcraft are real genocide. (ie: Attempted systematic destruction of a people group. Emphasis on systematic.) Only really the Old Horde to Dreanei is applicable out of the ones you mentioned. Other than that it’s just the Burning Legion. Others are on a varying scale between mass murder and casualities of war.

Eversong and Ghostlands quests were specifically about fending off amani incursions or acting directly based on information about impending ones.

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Zul’jin’s death was a shame and a waste but he lives on in our hearts, fueled by an endless sea of Thalassian tears! Amani di chuka!

/rp mode off
I’m kinda glad he is dead tho. Who knows what the current team of writers would have made out of him. Seems they can’t do good characters anymore.

Kael’thas and Kel’Thuzad both died twice so that’s no guarantee xD


The Amani need a new leader that leads them into a better future. Perhaps having them side with the Horde for mutual survival. Afterall they were generous enough to leave them alone after they got beaten off. I can see it clearly. Good times are ahead for the Amani if they want a better place to be they just need to send an ambassador to the Horde and ask for protection. I am sure the new council will kindly accept their plea.

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I dont think you actually watched the video. Because if you did you would know why that’s impossible.

As I’ve said, I can see the Revantusk joining the Horde. Not the Amani.

High elves and Humans are their enemies. Stop spreading false lore.

Nothing is impossible.

Yes, but canonically, it was revealed that it was only the Horde that killed Zul’jin, and Daakara too, the Alliance didn’t partecipate in those events. So the Amani hate both factions but there could be a slight edge about them hating the Horde more now, not only because Blood Elves, but the Horde also killed their greatest chieftain ever canonically. Heck, Amani NPCs can be even killed by the Horde during the funeral of Rastakhan, lol.

Also until they don’t get a new leader, they literally can’t join the Horde Council. There’s probably a huge infighting about several factions in Zul’Aman about who is going to take the power, so they are even more weakened and in another mess. They also are very poor so they don’t bring new resources to the Horde, and as Baine said recently with the Vulpera, the Horde is growing a bit too large so they have to be careful to accept people that can only contribute to the Horde. Strategically the Amani don’t bring any new territory as well because they are literally living in Zul’Aman, so inside Quel’thalas and Sin’dorei territories, or in Zandalar under the Zandalari.

They bring new powerful warriors and voodoo? Yes sure, but they are also very poor and savage, and their loyalty can’t be really trusted. At this point the Ogres are better for new Horde members, they are physically stronger anyway and they are already close to the Orcs in Kalimdor.

They have Zul Aman. That alone is a good addition to the fold. They are og members of the Horde and can only Prosper from the Horde supporting them.

I’m spreading accurate lore.

The high elves renamed themselves to Blood elves. They are the same people.

The blood elves were the ones who lead the attack on Zul’Aman.

In BFA the Zandalari asks the Horde player to kill the Amani and their loa alike.

There 1% chance of them actually joining the horde. Maybe even 0%

Revantusk on the other hand, possible.

Are still part of the alliance because they valued their friendship with humans over their own nation.

You have to remember that the Horde is the same faction that mana-bombed Theramore and burned down Teldrassil. If the Blood Elves and the Horde really wanted, nothing more than dust would remain of Zul’Aman and the Amani right now. So I don’t think it’s wise to complain too much about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, if the Revantusk become playable then I would like that Zul’Aman becomes their new main base (because that village in the Hinterlands is way too small anyway) and they become the rulers of all the Amani there, to keep them in check, or even better, they absorb all the Amani in the Revantusk tribe. Deal?