Zul’Jin did nothing wrong

Oh, so High elves are only different people when it suits you.

Yet in High elf threads you like to point out to the Alliance players; that Blood elves and High elves are the same people.

Yet here you are claiming they are different species and different people.

Double standards

I like that idea

But A better idea is turning Zul’Gurub into a Darkspear city. It is their ancestral home after all.


Or the surviving Gurubashi realize it is foolish to stand alone and they send an invitation towards the Horde to make their joining official. Afterall it is always better to have support instead of being on your own. That is a lesson the trolls have still to learn.

Humans and high elves are the enemies of the Amani. Both of which are part of the Alliance. So it is clear that their main goal should be dealing with them instead of poking the Horde all the time which would just see them anihilated.

And Blood elves. Don’t act all innocent. All three are guilty.

And if you bothered to read lore or watched the video, or played BFA in Zandalar. Or played in Eversong woods, You would know why.

But the Horde is the better partner because they can make sure the Amani won’t lose Zul’Aman to another incursion . Go with the times. The Amani will have no future if they keep atacking everyone unhinged.

The Amani don’t trust anyone but Trolls. That is the basis of their whole lore. And now they don’t even trust Trolls because of the Darkspear and Zandalari betrayal. They especially hate the citizens of Quel’thalas as they stole a huge chunk of their lands.

Like I said, if any Forrest troll will join the Horde it’s the Revantusk. The rest of the tribes especially the Amani have no chance. 0%

You can’t know that this certain. Maybe a visionary young new leader rises up and leads the Amani to a different path? Everything is possible.

Technically the Humans stole more. The Amani Empire was across both Lordaeron and Quel’thalas. And Lordaeron is much bigger. Indeed the Amani could just move in the Plaguelands as there is a lot of free space there, they could have rebuilt a bit of their empire there right now if they chose to not attack the Elves.

This is what Tyrande means by renewal, actually. The Amani chose vengeance instead of renewal in the Horde so they can’t ever grow or get anything nice.

Thanks for the support. I appreciate your efforts.

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My point is it’s too late for renewal. Especially a people like the Amani who don’t seem to understand that and keep going down population wise.

The Revantusk chose Renewal, the Darkspear, the Zandalari and thus these three groups are the most successful of the trolls tribes

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The number of “High Elves”, who had not renamed themselves to Blood Elves is statistically negligible. They don’t have a community and aren’T numerous enough to even be considered a minority anywhere.

Would an Amani care? Probably not. The only way i can see is either through Talanji or just being plain beaten into submition.

The Silver covenant disagrees.

Are you kidding? They are literally everywhere in alliance lands. They have their outposts scattered all over the eastern kingdoms. From Loch Modan to Hinterlands.

We did it before we can do it again. Sometimes you need a little force to make people realise what is better for them. And so will the other tribes being brought into submission.

I’m convinced they added the Silver Covenant to stop Aliance playerbase from whining… despite the fact it absolutely contradicts the race’s lore and they had to go through fair few exercises in mental gymnastics to make it not completely lore breaking. (But that’S kinda going off topic)

3 lodges, in total. 2 of which got wiped out by Cata, from what i recall. (Not 100% sure on the Hinterlands one) Even then you’re at a couple dozen, if you highball it, which is nowhere near a sustainable population, even by WoW standards. (again going off topic)

Yes…Ironically I think the one in the Hinterlands was attacked by the Forsaken as well, but they managed to be rescued by their Dwarves and Draenei allies. Still, they are extremely few of course. The Forsaken also attacked the High Elf lodge near Quel’thalas before those High Elves were mutated.

So as you can see the forest Trolls Revantusk lost interest in their ancient rivalry against the High Elves in the Hinterlands. Now the new rivalry of the Revantusk seems to be the Wildhammer Dwarves. And ironically it was Sylvanas and the Forsaken who attacked their former High Elven brethren instead…so if the Revantusk chose to put their main rivalry against Dwarves of the Alliance rather than High Elves, I think there might be a chance for this for the Amani up north too. But until the Alliance is nowhere close Quel’thalas they likely will still focus on the Blood Elves…if the Void Elves/High Elves ever get an outpost close to the Amani they could become the new target though.

only Quel’lithian got wiped out due to their leader giving them some sort of power, yet you can still see a few survivors from the lodge.

the one from Hinterlands is well and standing.

they are also located within the 7th legion army. Stormwind city, Theramore (probably evacuated), Allerian Stronghold, and Boralus.

oh and Telogrus as well.

overall, ingame they dont appear extinct at all. What lore desribes it and what game shows are two different things. we all know Blizzard retcons their lore a lot.

Blizzard is not always great, at keeping continuity. Especially regarding the more obscure side of events, which are like 3 quests no longer even in the game, for example.

Telgorus is an exception, because they are defectors from the Sin’dorei branch, which we’re lead to believe still are numerous enough to maintain a good population, but the people who didn’t become Blood Elves, in honor of all who died are described as statistically negligible isolated groups, who will eventually die off or something, but that is extremely outside the scope of wow’s timeline, because a Thalassian of age 50 still looks like a pre-puberty child and their maximum lifespan goes into several milenia.

(IRL terms a healthy population safe from inbreeding problems is roughly upwards of 100k)

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Zul’jin is a great character with a compelling story. At least to me. He wanted to defend his people and gave everything to protect them. He had so much story potential and so did the Amani. They still do. Sadly Zul’jin was wasted. There was little story around his death during BC. It’s a shame they ended him like that. At least he died true to his ideals.

Regarding the question if the Amani could join the Horde or not because of the Sin’dorei.
The Orcs founded the Horde, Revantusk and the Zandalari joined the Horde.
The Orcs had the Second War, but now they are allied.
The Revantusk were part of the Amani empire and fought a untold amount of time against the High elves. Their leader Elder Torntusk is even remembering his times in battle on Zul’jins side fondly.
The Zandalari supported almost every major war between the Amani and the High/ Blood elves, aside from the Second War.
All of them are now part of the Horde.
Yes the hate goes even deeper with the Amani themselves, but if those Trolls can join the Amani can too.
That’s the fundamental message of WC3 and should stay important in WoW and to a certain extend it did.

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They had potential to join in BFA.

Hope was lost when they asked us to attack them and their loas in BFA. We were asked by the Zandalari to do this :sob:

At least we have the Revantusk

As I said, an important factor is that Blizzard openly declared that it was the Horde (and only the Horde) who killed Zul’jin. They said this probably to make it clear to everyone that the Amani can’t join the Horde anymore.

Even a race like the Blood Elves who was invaded by the Old Horde, but the difference is that the Orcs in Quel’thalas didn’t kill the King or any important character of the Elves like Sylvanas or Lor’themar, they only burned down the forests but later the Ghostlands were ruined by the Scourge and their plague anyway so the Blood Elves decided they could join regardless of what happened in the Second War.

It’s not just the Blood Elves. The Amani hate almost every race in the Horde.

They hate the Orcs because they feel abandoned in the Second War when they were just going to defeat the High Elves. They probably hate them regardless if they are the green ones or Mag’har as it would be difficult for them to understand the difference, probably.

They hate the Darkspears because they are Jungle Trolls and because apparently there was a long conflict between them.

They hate the Zandalari because the Zandalari chose the Horde over them eventually.

They hate the Revantusk because they joined the Horde and are now seen as traitors.

They hate the Forsaken because they are former Humans of Lordaeron who fought against them in the Second War, and because they are undead now who still live in Lordaeron (Lordaeron was part of the Amani Empire too), and because until recently their leader was Sylvanas who hated Forest Trolls.

They hate the Blood Elves and the Void Elves too considering they were exiled in the Ghostlands closer to Zul’Aman.

They hate the Ogres and the Goblins because just like the Orcs, they feel abandoned by them in the Second War (even if it was the Steamwheedle and not Bilgewater back then, but they still hate the race as a whole).

They hate the Nightborne because they are Elves who grew so close to the Blood Elves recently, helping them a lot.

and probably more. The only ones that the Amani don’t hate are probably the Tauren, the Pandaren and the Vulpera, and that’s just because they lived on another continent and never were in contact with them directly, otherwise they would hate them too…and if I’m not mistaken one of the quotes of Zul’jin about the Blood Elves joining the Horde actually is:

“I hate you. I hate you ALL…”

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dont forget the famous “I spit on da horde”


This did not happen. Followers of Zul asked the player to attack them. That’s very different. Also their loa were not attacked.

Sindo’rei, Forsaken, Revantusk, Orcs, Zandalari. You see that your argument makes no sense right? There is no need to go more in to detail. If the Sindo’rei can get along with all of those, they can get along with anyone and the same goes for everyone else, including the Amani.
No they don’t hate the Zandalari. Your list is… special.
It’s almost funny how you’re ignoring the Zandalari and more so the spirit and message of WC3 (and WoW… well WoW is… strange now).

Look, Troll deaths mean nothing to Blizzard. We will never hear about Rastakhans dead ever again.

Edit. I end with Zul’jin did nothign wrong.

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