Error code 317002

When i try to start a game i get 317002 error code, but in chat it gives me 34200 error code.


Like on the Battlenet launcher…

Morning, i see there is a problem in seson, cant start game , took longer to log but i cant create game , i get the error 317002.


Same problem for me,
they say EU is down but i can’t really find anything about it…
not even on Twitter.
I Guess they are still sleeping at Blizzard EU…


Yeap same here. Can login I believe with a standard character so it is only the season server it seems.
Hope they wake up soon and fix it…

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same over here, when logging into a non seasonal character everything works fine, but ones i try to play my season char i get this error.

I have the same problem here, is there any news about season server maintenance?

The maintenance was scheduled for 5am so I’m guessing they have some problems.

Similar issue when trying to do the challenge rift. Creating game gives Error 3006 (request has timed out)

Found a blue post and tried the following, not working…

Please try the following:

  • Close Blizzard app
  • Delete %programdata%[ ]( folder
  • restart Blizzard app

tried this one to, did not work unfortunatly :frowning:

Same problem for me, so frustrating have a day off and I am looking at the login screen… GRR

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Lose time on non-seson chars…thats that…some people stated that servers where on a smart phone running on 3G …:DDDDDDDDDDDDD

When is the error expected to be fixed? I took time off from work and it welcomes me

Having the same issue. I’m able to log into Diablo, but unable to create or join any seasonal games. Error code 317002.

Withdrawal the day and get to work.

Can you have that? Unfortunately, not with us

Kom så blizzard let røven og kom IGANG (-_-)

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While the general connectivity issue was resolved, it appears that for Diablo 3, an issue is still ongoing for some players attempting to start games, this is being investigated.

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You closed all topics about the error code 317002 but it haven’t been resolved so how about you check first if all problems are away before closing a topic?