Duel deck not valid - now I'm stuck

I created a Paladin deck and when I play it, I get the message “The selected deck is not valid for this game mode”. Can’t see how to get past this? Don’t have the option to edit it or retire it - I’m stuck! :frowning: … please help


This also just happened to me! I built a deck, can’t use it, now I’m stuck.

Sorry that you are both getting a little stuck there. Are you able to retire the deck and make a new one?

No - can’t retire, presumably because I’ve not been able to play a game with it. Only option I’m given is to leave.

me too, created a warlock deck and cant play

Same for me. Warrior Deck. Can´t retire or play

I have the same problem with my paladin deck. Can’t retire.

Same problem here with a druid deck

Same problem on for me. It’s been like that for a few days now. There’s no option to retire the deck and start over.

I just got this issue. I was 2-0 on a druid deck.

After my second win, I selected new minions (Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Legendary minion with Battlecry: Add a solar & lunar eclipse to your hand.)

I was unable to queue into game 3. I got this issue. I was able to retire the deck.

Hopefully I do not run into that error again. Also, hopefully Blizzard can figure out the root cause of this issue and repair soon.

Any news about this ? Impossible to launch a game of duels…

Same problem here, i cant retire nor play. STUCK.

Im stuck also, Pz blizard fix this

Same problem on for me. It’s been like that for a few days now. There’s no option to retire the deck and start over.

Thanks for the reports everyone.

We’re aware of a few different issues that can cause an invalid duels deck or getting into a stuck state after a completed run.

Most of the causes for new cases should have been resolved already, though we’re working on additional fixes and resolutions for currently stuck runs.

We appreciate you’re all eager to do more dueling and thank you for your patience and understanding for now!

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I have the same issue! So what now?we just lose 150 gold just like that? And it’s not even only the money, but we can’t even retire so we can’t play the game mode anymore…

Is there any update or any sort of resolution here at all? Still stuck on not being able to use this game mode since the launch of heroic duels, and seeing little to no feedback or reassurance that it’s being worked on…

Have the same problem. I have even finished my duel campaign and cant get my prize and start a new one. I see my score and cant do anything but to chat in android application.

I’m also having the same problem. I didn’t get to play any games, game says my deck is invalid and there is no retire option.

I’ve had the same problem for over a week… pretty ridiculous considering I paid for the pre-order enabling access for this content.

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