1500(900) mmr healers İN 2K MMR. DELETE YOUR MMR SYSTEM PLS!

I play Warrior. The most heal-dependent class. now at 2k mmr. This is a trap for warriors. 1500 healers in 3/4 arenas. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHERE THEY ARE. THEY DONT KNOW THEY HAVE DISPEL.
90% of the rounds are won by those with more independence. MAKE 2x2 Solo Suffle will be the same. When the fight starts, my healer has one question in his head (GOD WHERE I GOT WHAT??? WHO??? HOW??? WHERE??? WHAT AM I DOING HERE???)
They don’t have a Dispel button. They dance in the center of the arena, I get in the face of all the controls. REMOVE THIS PLEASE!
i want to wait 3 hours but play with normal people. The shaman is standing 2 meters from me, I’m in the root, he does not press the dispel. The druid at the very beginning of the arena receives a trap from a hunter. At the same time, I do not have his Hots. Shaman puts grounding only on holidays. Paladin dies in 5 seconds. Please fix this.


And I guarantee you those same healers are saying the 2k warriors are dying without using die by the sword, are playing the “no intervene challenge” build, and are leaping behind pillars to die then blaming them.


dude my pally 2700… even if you are in the center of the arena, then your health reserve does not rise above 40% is this also a warrior jumping behind a pillar? Paladin dies in 30 seconds, this is also probably the Warrior’s fault. As I wrote above, the Druid receives a trap from the hunter at the very beginning of the arena, this is also the Warrior probably did not press invisibility for the druid.

You are blaming them and they are blaming you, it’s a never ending cycle of passing the blame. If you can’t climb at 2k it’s because of you and not because of your healers. If they are as bad as you say then you can exploit that when facing them for easy wins, and save cd’s (like avatar, bladestorm) to break your own roots that you know they are not going to dispel.


man I will explain to you again. arms Warrior doesn’t have the same degree of autonomy as other classes. If the rogue has 30% hp, he can go into invisibility. If the paladin has it, he can hit the bubble. If the Mage has it, he can give away saves and teleport. Warrior’s only save is -30% against casters and that’s it.
Imagine that healers simply don’t exist. Take arms warrior and do 2000 rating in 2v2 with any dps. Believe me solo suffle with 1500 healers is the same. . Even r1 players won’t do it now.
For my ret paladin, I did 2200 too easily. But the warrior is not the same!.
Whoever has more of his own saves and mobility wins in the main.

Warrior has die by the sword, leap, intervene, disarm, reflect, ignore pain, impending victory, fear, stormbolt, bitter immunity, even spear can be used defensively. There are a lot of tools at your disposal to either help your healer avoid being cc’d, or to live on your own. I guarantee you any R1 Warrior or even half decent Warrior will not be stuck at 2k right now. You for some reason think you are doing everything correct and it’s your healers fault for not climbing. I promise you that is not true. You need to play better to climb, not get Blizzard to change their mmr algorithm so you can get better healers to make up for more of your mistakes.

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i understand you.
go to a pig farm called 1.4 mmr. There you will tell your fantasies.

there can be no learning without action and no action without learning

shamans and their totems :person_facepalming: just ignore those weirdos

learning must be in a competitive environment. Or do you think if a monkey is put in charge of world health, he will develop a cancer vaccine?
I just wait 30 minutes and I have such people in my team. This not normal. As I wrote above, some classes benefit from this due to their saves and mobility.
I raise my rating when the heals are 2000-2200+. And I lose this rating when the heals are 1400-1600. And this happened more than once! Do you think it’s a coincidence?

I was trying to be polite, but seeing as how you are just being toxic now let’s be real: You are a lifetime challenger player who got 2200 once in SL S2 when players were 3600. You then got 2700 in shuffle because shuffle is even more inflated than SL S2 and Ret was incredibly overpowered and accidentally one shotting people with 230k decrees, and then tanked as soon as that was taken away. You are not good and have no ground to stand on and act like anyone in your shuffle lobbies is not good enough to play alongside you. You are the epitome of blaming others for your mistakes and deserve to be hardstuck at 2k on your War because you most likely are terrible at it. Get better and stop complaining.


this account is my brother. My real rating was not higher than 1300. But I am unrealistically cool. I’m feeling it.
Like I said. The pig farm is waiting for us.

u will want to edit that as account sharing is indeed tos violation i believe

but i imagine what u meant to say where that u feel ur account is like ur family member as u have developed a deep attachment to it through the years :slight_smile:

it was sarcasm for a superior x50 gladiator.

yes my brother i also love my account :smiley:

Read his message. He says that the Warrior can use the spear for defense. The man has such fantasies…

Have you never seen Warriors use spear to run away and live? I mean you are just proving how bad you are at warrior lol.

ok bro ok… i understand you…
I’m wrong!

I’m contemplating quitting the game because of it, I spent a week grinding and getting better and managed to get 2250 as a windwalker after the nerfs and then in my 2250-2.3 game I faced against 2.6 gladiator people and won 2/6 and lost 62 rating. then my next game a druid joined with 0cr and immediately said it was his first game and his spell bar needed sorting. Then a ret paladin ran in and died without using bubble 3 times in a row and then I got some win traders and a lag switching holy paladin and now I’m 1900cr. This game mode is a cancer on the game and the PVP in general is just boring and predictable. I’m sick of the same old boring warrior games or assassin rogues effortlessly killing people even though I’m detoxing their poisons


This paladin is 1200 in 2s, flies away