200 honor for winning AV? What is going on

Well title says it all…


Apparently, they did this on purpose… Please reduce the amount of marks required for R14 gear

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No way it was this low back in original pre-patch

It was not, never has been!

However they have no clue what they are doing whatsoever. Small Indie company amiright


38,250 / 200 honor =191 AV’s
It’s like 1k honor per hour ,so you need 38 hours maybe for a weapon.
Thats reasonable ,isn’t it blizzard?

Its terrible! Every ppl got Private rank , cant get honor when kill ppl only 2-5. Cannot be redeemed more tokens for honor… Bonus honor in BG nerfed… How it possible get leveling gear?

And its like 15-20 min queues for Horde on Noggenfogger!! Ridiculous

Of course is NOT reasonable.
Blizzard, ¿where are you?

all hardcore players already have the 75k honor at the first day while casuals have to farm serveral days to get atleast one weapon… this is not fair!

What about those who exploited the 10x honor yesterday?

If this is the same honor rate as in the original patch then that’s fine, beats seeing everyone running around in R14 gear

If the hardcore players are capped on honor then it’s because they deserved it!! You can’t add “this is not fair” to the same sentence without sounding very du… Play more and you’ll earn more it’s simple as that. Now go and handle your fragile feelings and then start playing the game.

Let them have it, its not the first time something like that have happened.

They should just wipe honor and marks on June 1st #somechanges

Whats going on? Blizz support botting in bgs.

Yes and gear and golds too.

wtf blizz?? i played a lot Back in original tbc pre-patch. i was a casual player with only a few hours to play back then and i clearly remember it only took 1 day to farm my r14 weapon. now with the amount of honor you give us it is impossible to finish the grind.
Fix your game pls. reward us the proper amount of honor.


Before you say “Yeah but that’s not pre-patch it’s TBC value”.

It mean it would have been way less honor in pre-patch, because, Patch 2.3.0 :

[Warsong Gulch], [Arathi Basin], [Eye of the Storm]

  • Additional bonus honor is now awarded upon conclusion of the battle.

Anyway, those who played during pre-patch back then probably don’t remember getting honor capped in like 2 days.

You are wrong… The amount of honor we gain from kills is not the way it was… Does it make sense to get 300marks for farming 2pieces?

Honor per kill is wrong, true.

But getting 420 honor points in AV after destroying a tower was totally inaccurate.

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