2400 rating vs. Mythic +10

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Kelduril, you clearly lack brain cells
you cant even understand that m+10 is accessible to basically everyone, going above 2.3/2.4 its not
i mean, go to a doctor please, you need some help

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ah yeah you are the huntards who trolls on forum … for i moment i forgot that you lack braincells too.


not to defend all this m+ stuff but it is not easy to time 15+ with pugs. It is not even so easy to do with a group of consistent players.
everything timed above +15 is less than 2% of all keys run.

it might be easier than ranking high in arena because you can practice it better, but surely not so easy

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OP was about m+10 vs 2.4 weekly chest

-done by eveyone who has decent ilvl,
-done by PvPers that need gear
-no need to beat the timer to get weekly
-chest contains titan residum
-overall it give more AP
-always the same, learn simple m+0 mechanics and add the weekly affixes


  • no PvE guy would be able to get even near to 2.2 (well, this not true since PvE stuffs are broken and you can get out damaged by people who back-pedal, kek)
  • you need to actually WIN one match at or above 2.4
  • NO titan ressidum
  • overall less AP
    -way more hard since its not always the same and you will always have to adapt every damn fking match

i mean… isnt clear that PvP gearing system need a revamp? give pvp vendors back OR reintroduce the reforging system.


Imagine replying to kelduril…lol

I did 7+ mythic dungeon with my friend healer. As 400 ilvl ele and i was top dps top kicks an top activity. I was doing this dungeon for the first time and dont even have pve traits and have like 50 lvl amulet. Still i easily beat dragonslayer with 420+ ilv. Its laughable. Ofc if you talking about mythic 15+ you have to play good but +10 is joke. I have watched prot pala who soloed mechagon… so hard.

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Even pve players think its bs. At least add residuum to the PvP chest so we can buy gear.


If devs reading this thread the lol hard on us They will say that we designed the current rewarding system to be more hardcore and fair among pvpers Omg guys u are so pathentic that u cant play 50 arenas for a drop we gave u the conquest cap by choosing a certain piece of gear and u can upgrade it by collecting 40 quartermaster’s prize by just doing pvp activities omg guys u are not so hardcore The fact that a pvper runs pve stuff is great success cause players are not onesided brings more fun and understands the game overall Ofc a timed+10 key is as hard as an arena at 2.4 mmr


Crown of eternal winter - opinion discarded

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iperkek hahaha


still a lot easier to pug a +10 than 2400 rating though

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Why you think Destro got buffed?

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Ion play destro? this explain A LOT xd


im not sure but i think plays ele sham maybe his guidies play destro and cry about a spot


Its true… m+10 its like ~1800 arena rating match. In my opinion


No… i cant get reach 1.8k arena rating… and i am doing m+10… what are you talking…


Personal experiences /= facts There is no correlation between the rewards and the required skill of the a timed +10 and a game at 2.4 M+ gives a solid advantage at
gear progression over arenas at any difficulty with less effort The fact someone clears +10 but is not 1k8 indicates he is not pvper or he is pvper who doesnt have free time to play arenas or he doesnt want to play the meta rn

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What’s the point of this comparison? Far fewer people do arenas.


Tbh the very concept of gear should not be in the pvp discussion.
To be truly competitive, pvp should be completely seperate from pve:
All on-use & passive effects should be disabled, only stats should mattee, and should be scaled to the same ilvl for everyone in pvp.
Templates where the right direction.

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The point is to show how unfair and biased the gear rewarding systems are in this game.

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More people play PvE, thus PvE rewards are easier to get. How is that unfair?

PvP has always been fringe and inferior for gearing. This is nothing new.