3 Players looking for a new Guild / Home

Hello there, we are 4 friends looking for a new home!
Faction: HORDE
# MM Hunter. 214ILVL
*# Balance Druid. 211Ilvl
*# Mistweaver Monk or brewmaster. 220ilvl as BM and 213 as MW.

We are a group of friends thats been playing together for a long time (14-15 years),
most of us have Raided high end mythic (Server #1 from ToT till EN). and old school raiders during Classic and TBC/WOTLK.

Currently our progress is 2/10M CN And 10/10HC CN!

We are looking for a guild that raids preferable Thursdays Sundays, mondays, tuesdays any of theese days after 20,00 ST to whenever.
We would like to find a guild thats not to Hardcore but not to casual with
Decent progress and a fun and friendly environment as most of us have kids and are close to the 30s :wink:

please contact me if you wanna know more.

Jim#2804 battle.net ID

Sent you a request !

Have a look at our guild and contact us if you are interested! :slight_smile:

Hello check us out @ gow.gg/rx


Consider Phlebas is a casual raiding guild (10/10hc) created more then a decade ago. Since most of us are in their 30s with work/kids/etc. we don’t have any raiding attendance requirement, as long as you keep your gear somewhat up to date you will get a raid invite.

Since we are trying to make the jump into mythic raiding (nothing to serious) we are looking for a couple more players to fill some open spots. You can check the recruitment post down here for more info:

Consider Phlebas

I added you on Bnet to have a little chat but it seems a bit wonky. It said you accepted but your not showing up on my friends list.

Hi Nahnook,

Would love to speak with you more.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401


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