3rd week no tuning?

It’ll soon be 3 weeks without tuning. Queues are already dire and its less than a month into the season. Shadowlands season 4 vibes.

Diablo 4 is out in like a week. The game will be an absolute ghost town if they dont cook up some major changes to healers and major nerfs to boomkin/destro/sp/sub TODAY nevermind a week from now.

What are the boys in the WoW team doing? Are they in queue too? Is that why they cant tune the game?

It is what it is i guess


I don’t think they give a F anymore about pvp


Dw they will nerf DKs as requested soon.


Putting SP in the same sentence as Destro, Balance and Sub is laughable btw.

What exactly do you think warrants ‘major nerfs’ for Shadow?



Awc is in 2 weeks probably we won’t see anything soon.

The game is already dead due to solo shuffle


It’d be dead without it too

I guess, but I’d argue slightly less so

They won’t tune, they are slowly letting it die out, ROI for PvP is not there, so simple business decision.

Anyone who wants to compete should have all characters leveled and just play fotm, legit no other option.

a Lot of people would just leave with their wallet or go do PVE
you’d be left with mirrors and S tier only

Isn’t it already the case?

The major issue imo is all spec aren’t hard to play, 2-3 button for pve rotation and that’s it, that’s why a clueless guy can just reroll the fotm and steamroll people even the best player.

Unbalance as always been a thing in this game but in the past Atleast you could make some counterplay and people playing Yolo and wasting stuff were dead pretty fast after that but that’s no longer a thing.

Blizzard should make am spec hard to master so it would prevent the massive fotm reroll imo also it would reward people playing well instead of random crit os or pressing a button doing 90%of the job with passives tied to it (and remove majority of abilities usable in stun imo)


Aint no way they’re balancing pvp around a competition for boosters and streamers that 700 people watch

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I hope you are right but we’ve seen in the past they don’t want to ruin what people practice during the competition, same happen for m+ awc.


See this is what a sane person would assume, but this is blizzard you’re talking about. So you’re wrong. Unfortunately.

You gotta think reverse psychology to think like they do.

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Hello. What warrants major nerfs for SP?

they do silly billy dmg

Hope it does die out to the point where they stop hosting AWC. If you play wow for the sole purpose to pvp then your sub should be free. Absolutely NONE of your subscription money goes towards making it better so why tf should you be paying for it


Indeed, when a healer doesn’t have dispel binded, or when DPS don’t press any form of interrupt or any defensive CD.

Very silly billy’s.

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tbh if you miss a kick on a spriest you just instantly die due to precog but :slight_smile: just kickbot i guess