[A] <CALL OF THE VOID> 2Day raiding 9/10hc Recruiting dps

Hello and thank you for taking your time to read our recruitment post and to find out about our great guild!

We were formed back when Nighthold was current content and have cleared all Heroic &anp; Normal raid content since then.

What are the raid times?
Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00

All invites start at 19:45 and all times above are set to server time (CET).

So now I know a little bit about Call of the Void, but what should I expect when I join?

Firstly, we are not by any means a mythic progression guild. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is our main priority. We are a Curve focused guild, dedicated to getting those Curve achievements during each tier of raiding.

We do however, require focus during boss fights so we don’t make any silly mistakes (except for the odd hilarious ones like rolling off the edge of a platform to your inevitable demise!).

This is a place where you should be able to kick the feet back, relax and enjoy a cuppa (or a nice cold pint of beer!) in the evening with friends. Of course, new players to the game & social members are also welcome!

Please note, we will have gear requirements for joining our raids and trial periods last 2 weeks with a possible extension if we are unsure. This will change as the game moves on and this will be discussed when you contact us!

Okay, but what does Call of the Void need for it’s raid team?
Currently we can use pretty much any dps spec and a healer but preference goes to:

any non paladin healer in high demand

Currently we have space for any dps spec with preference to those who bring a buff.

But since it is HC and not top end mythic class balance doesn’t matter too much and will consider any person that would like to join our guild so be sure to send us a message if you are interested in joining!

Currently we have cleared normal and downed shriekwing on hc, we will resume raiding in the new year.

Contact info:
Bnet Tag: awesomebeard#1853
Discord: awesomebeard#2478 <— preferred

Currently still recruiting in need for more dps preferring

But as stated in the original post any class is welcome!

Bump, still recruiting dps and a healer!

bump still recruiting a healer
And dps with the preference towards mage, warrior, monk, demon hunter

We’ve gotten 2/10 hc and nearly 3/10.

Still looking for people with healers being in high demand!

Now 3/10 hc
still could use:
healer (any spec)

we’ve gotten another boss down now 4/10 hc with a 1% pull on lady darkvein.

Still having a spot for 1 healer and a couple dps with preference towards monk-dh-warlock-warrior.

Last night we’ve gotten 2 more bosses down so currently 6/10hc

Currently we’ve mostly filled up our roster but we are still looking for a dh, monk,warlock and a priest.

Any other dps classes/specs will be considered so don’t be shy if you have any interest in joining!

After last night we’ve gotten council down and now working on sludgefist.

Still have space for:

But any dps will be considered so don’t be shy!

we’ve managed to clear 9/10 hc and working on denathrius now!

Still are looking for:

But any dps will be considered so don’t be shy!

Hey bud, I’ve sent you a friend request on discord. Would like to talk to you about your guild :slight_smile: