[A] Fire Mage LF beginner friendly Mythic guild on Silvermoon

Hi all, been playing on and off since Cata but only ever really done legacy mythic content for morgs ect. Looking to start with this expansion and finding a friendly guild with a more casual approach to hit up some dungeons or raids with. Current ILevel 191

Let me know whos recruiting on silvermoon!

Hey there. We’re a friendly group always on the lookout for socials and m+ joiners. Also raid twice a week on normal atm which you are welcome to join. Hmu if interested.

hey Crabtree =)

We could still need a mage in our team, maybe that would be a fit for you? We have a very active discord, doing keys, some are doing pvp, or just a normal run for alts for the fun:

Greetings, Siobe