Change to Keystone Formula in 9.0.5

Indeed although in my case it was nice to just get +15s every reset.

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Yes, this makes alt’ing even worse.
Even now it’s horrible experience to have an alt, this will basically remove any hopes of getting a geared alt while not investing a lot of time into it.
Let alone finding motivation to do one weekly run every week for main is a challange (there is no fun in running same 8 dungeons for couple years to come).

what is point of gearing alt if u are playing with him only once per week … than u are just wasting time even playing it … what is even reason why u are playing on that alt?

To test out couple more specs in a slow manner which you might main on the next major patch.
I play ~ 10h a week:

  • 6 of these hours go to mythic raiding (on Innerva progress atm, so still a long way to go)
  • another 1 hour to complete one mythic 14-15 (form a group, run to dungeon, complete it)
  • 1hour for maw weeklies and torghast
  • I completely skip world quests, pvp content.

So this leaves me with couple hours a week to do some alt’ing, with this “amazing” change i will have like 1hour/week for an alt. Great.
My main have 220ilvl Bear OS with ~1200rio and plenty of runs completed, so finding a group for 14 is very easy, but still I don’t like this, I prefer running my key, so I can invite more lower rio people to my runs and not get punished for it - a lot of times we don’t time my weekly 14 run because I take lower geared/rio people who still learn, but this gives them a chance to get into 14+ keys. Now I will not take them anymore, will look for 215+ 1000+ rio dps, so I can time my key.

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Thanks a ton for making this _$#×/^#@@÷%^= even worse than it already is.

Guess I’m cancelling my sub.

I’m already struggling getting ONE mythic group a week, and now they want to make it even harder for me to get proper keys done. Thanks.


Don’t worry, they will soon sell it back to you in a future expac as a “feature”

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This. So much this. And those of us who struggle getting groups. I am soooo tired of having my keys constantly reset because I don’t have people to play with. Adding this completely garbage system back again just drained the tiny bit of energy I had left, out of me. I was going to take a couple weeks break to try having thefrustration of lack of mythic+ runs at a distance… then I see this. I might as well leave and hope lack of runs won’t be punishing in the future. I really don’t see why I even bother trying.

Turns out they noticed this aswell and that’s actually what we’ll get with 9.0.5.

I honestly think that’s a good compromise.

Who’s willing to bet they intended to make this “revert” the true change, and just instead added the worst solution to a self-made problem to magically solve it with their change? :grinning: Why compromise at all?

Compromise between what?

“How to make players a bit more unhappy?”
“Juuuuust enough to make them not quit and stretch played metric?”

“How to make players “happy” with your QoL-downgrading addition 101” :grin:

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Why do you care what others do so much when you should focus on you and getting KSM.
Stop telling others what they should get and care about yourself .

Rewarding timing of keys (rather than just completing them) by not delevelling the key from the vault sounds like a decent plan as it gives more incentive to improve and time your keys. I appreciate that Blizzard went to the effort of actually explaining their reasoning for the changes - communication means a whole lot!

What will this mean for the “weekly, doesn’t matter if timed” pug groups? Will they become more demanding for their requirements? Although, as someone who runs with guildies, I dunno if these types of pug groups even exist in Shadowlands where you are already incentivised to time keys by the loot drops.

good good , you are up to something.

think some more and maybe you will understand why 50% of playerbase left

crazy idea - maybe because there is literaly nothing to do on alts atm then 1 dungeon a week.

so instead making actual content to do on said alt blizzard wants to force people to do 2 dungeons a week instead 1 to help them with their metrics.

this is abysmal way to play this game - thats why so many left and so many more will leave.

they will be dead. nobody will risk their key now. last possible accidental aspect of rpg got just killed . blizzard dont want wow to be rpg . it has to be hardcore instance symulator.

it will bring nothing but more toxicity into already extremly toxic enviroment

those “weekly not in time” groups were only decnetly behaving group in group finder.

now blizzard effectively killed last aspect of rpg that was in m+

I don’t think downgrading keys from the vault is the way to go. It’s sort of anti social. A lot of people don’t want to run with people they know will lower the chances of success, and by having the vault downgrading the keys too, just makes the incentive to give players and specs you don’t “trust” as much, less chances.

I am fine with key’s lowering on failure, but I think the vault key should always be based on the highest key you did that week, be it timed or not timed, to incentive players to bring “lower quality” players or specs at least some weeks, without being punished for it the week after that again.

Some people chain mythic+ a lot and won’t notice this change. This hits the less active players way harder. As I said earlier in this thread I am on a 2 week break now to try lower tension caused by lack of mythic+ runs in my case, as I seem to be less desired for the keys I actually find challenging and fun to play. Part of this seems to be that groups prefer shaman or paladin healers, and in general run with the best class combos for the highest chance of success. Leaving those of us who play less desired specs to lower quality keys and “leftover runs”. Not saying it can’t be that people just don’t view me as good enough, but it seems to be a meta pattern in the ones chaining mythic+, and I have had a few comments about playing the wrong healing spec.

In the end I feel like I end up with doubble punishment or more, and it gets to me. I know it’s just a game, but I really enjoy mythic+, my spec, and I finally have time enough this expansion to play more of it… then I get other factors pushing me out of it. Last thing I need is downgraded keys in the vault because we didn’t time a key I could have timed another time, and causing even more negativity around running with “sub par” group comps.

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They actually do exist. :grinning: Got into a Key as low as an 8 once, and the group maker made it clear repeatedly that they won’t mind if it doesn’t get timed. We ended up +2ing.

the obvious solution is to not let the top 5% ( I think the actual % is lower than that) be on beta and let casuals only there to see what the next xpac will look like only with casual ideas in. I mean we tried with the top % now lets try it the other way around.

I’m not sure why you think no one else got to test. Also the longer testing went on the more and more people were invited.

Yes streamers and content creators get invited and they play a lot of the beta. They spend many hours on there. However there are far more people willing to be testers than they have space for. But regular players also get to test. It’s also worth noting we regularly see people get access and then not bother or get bored in a very short space of time. Others will repeatedly try things out, level a multitude of character to test and retest after fixes are applied.

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