[A] <High Definition> Defias Brotherhood-EU 6/10M recruiting for Mythic progress

About us

We are a long-standing guild formed in August 2007 with a friendly atmosphere. We aim to do as many mythic bosses as possible while valuing the atmosphere of our raids. In Ny’alotha, we managed to progress to 10/12M. Generally speaking, we manage to progress to around half, if not more of the current mythic raids.

We also hold social events outside of raids, such as guild m+ key groups and with other games such as Among Us nights, League of Legends and Overwatch.

Raiding information

We raid on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 8:30-11.00 server time (invites go out at 8.15).

Raiders are required to be on discord during raids

We expect a minimum of 210 ilvl, ideally with some mythic experience, but if not, having a full heroic clear, and willingness to learn with good logs is enough too

Classes we’re looking for

Monk- DPS with a strong healer/tank OS
DH- DPS with a strong tank OS

Where to apply

If you feel that our guild is the right fit for you, feel free to apply here http://bit.ly/HDGuild
If you would like some more information, you can always have a chat with either Rotenzi-DefiasBrotherhood Rotenzi#1440 or Miyuko-TheVentureCo Pandi#2239 just so we can get to know you and tell you a bit more about the guild.

Edit: added application form link :slight_smile:

We are now 4/10M, and now currently looking for a WW monk with a strong MW OS and a fire mage!

We are now 6/10M and recruiting for a WW monk with a strong MW or BM OS, and a Vengeance DH with a strong Havoc OS!