A new Hope

(Looksmaxxed) #41

Ummmm, I don’t like the freethinking of this one.

Off with you to make you right,
Run along and eat some blight,
So that slay alliance you might,
We don’t talk of Thrall here,
Because he is chilling in Mezzamere,


Ah I see well the thing is I never learned how to rp like you in game was always more of a content player then play pretend one so because of that I never developed patriotism but it’s not to late to learn to RP.


Traitor Lemme find my starwars meme somewhere.


Think whatever you will I never played for faction war :stuck_out_tongue:.


I can agree with you, but I remain of the idea that those few (top guilds) have moved masses of fans and those who would like to be like them …

however this is an old story, now we just have to congratulate those who have found new fun in a game that by now seemed stagnant

traitor! :grin:


everyone does it, they just don’t like to admit it…
the moment you create your char you are rp’ing …
you play a role all the way through life…even if you are a mindless drone…:slight_smile:


as a future father he does give us all a good example how to look after his alliance wifey.
jaina has finally reconnected with her favourite green bonjo ^^


An undead ? Really ? *spits twice*

(Rhiánnon) #49

Moisturize me!

(Tèsla) #50

hahah! If you think this one until MOP was a Belf…


you may kiss the bride now :grin:

(Kaisena) #52

The usual plague lotion ?


Yea maybe so but I know you guys along time you know me I’m the same Halicos nothing has changed why are you all picking on me :stuck_out_tongue:.


Calm down calm down I’m getting out of here I got it

*still spits a last time once passing the door *


so you are one of these guys, who moisturized girl once and left the next morning?


Oh god, where is the scarlet crusade when we need it


all undead last time i have checked.

so you want more undead wifeys to moisturize?


Hahaha giggity :sunglasses:.I think I’m the only one that understands this joke.


i think he will join The Legion to burn us all after this topic ^^


When the lvl 10 undeads will be too pissed off being farmed by a Worgen 120 who needs to evacuate will need an explanation, I’ll redirect them here.

You’ll have the flesh of countless undeads on your conscience.