[A-RP] Moonball & Bonk-Alore Tournament ⚔

Posters invite the night elves and their allies to come test their mettle in two separate sport contests in Ashenvale. Will old Champions charge in to defend their title, or will the eve give way to new shining stars?

Seeing how well-received Bonk-Alore was at the Alor’el Spring Festival, I thought to host an event for both the new game and the old yet still rather popular Moonball.

Date: Saturday May 18th
Time: 20:00 Server Time
Location: Ashenvale, near Astranaar’s western bridge
Faction: Alliance

What is Moonball?

I first introduced the game in 2016 under the name Moonglow Ball Game. The name comes from the balls used in the game being coated with Moonglow to give them their bright shimmer which dazzles the opponent when hit. The name was later shortened to simply Moonball.

The game gained popularity following the Lunar Festivals in Darnassus, and over the years I’ve seen other event organizers pick up the game as well here and on the American roleplay servers. You’re welcome to; just please note that while the game uses OOC the Dazzling Rod toy as the gameplay mechanic, In Character the game does not deploy magic wands.

If you wish to use the same game system but with wands IC, please use another name such as ‘Dazzling Rod’ or ‘Magic Wand’ contest to avoid confusion.

Moonball is commonly played as a tournament where players are eliminated each round. The number of players is ideally divided by four for an equal number of players in each round, but sometimes matches may be adjusted to accommodate an uneven number of players.


  • The matches consist of two players trying to eliminate each other. Exceptions may be made to accommodate an uneven number of players signed up to the tournament
  • The players wait until the end of countdown before they start hurling moonballs at their opponent.
  • The players have to stay within the marked area during the match.
  • When a player gets hit three times, they lose the match.
  • Match winner moves to the next round.
  • Speed enhancing spells and items are forbidden. Please also remove passive speed-enhancing talents like Pathfinding (Hunters) and Fleet Footed (Rogues).

What is Bonk-Alore?

Bonk-Alore is a new multiplayer game first played at the Alor’el Spring Festival in 2024, tailored to fit night elf theme as well.

Game Mechanic

The competition uses the Foam Sword Rack as a game mechanic, which allows players to conjure and equip a Foam Sword. Equipping the sword activates the “ON GUARD!” buff and lets you ‘bonk’ other sword-holders. In-Character the Foam Swords will be light, padded wooden swords.

Please note the Foam Sword from the rack is a different item than the separate toy called Soft Foam Sword.

The rack lasts some minutes and has a 30 minute cool-down, but the conjured swords themselves don’t have a timer. Players can drag the sword from their Character Info into an action slot.

You’re now ready to bonk!

Competition Format

The competition consists of two different matches. For the first match, the participants are split into two opposing teams of even numbers, called “Summer” and “Winter”.

To make it easy to distinguish who’s in which team, team Winter players drink a stack of Desecrated Oil to turn themselves greyscale. Each Desecrated Oil adds +1 minute to the effect duration. The item will be provided by the host. In-Character participants mist themselves with an alchemical mixture giving a temporary (stain-free) effect.

The goal is to disarm / destroy your enemies’ sword (the sword disappears). The sword gets destroyed from 3 bonks unless enough time has lapsed between hits for the sword’s durability to recover.

Movement and camouflaging spells, abilities and items are forbidden. Please also remove passive speed-enhancing talents like Pathfinding (Hunters) and Fleet Footed (Rogues).

Match 1

The two teams line up at the opposing ends of the game field (marked with smoke flares, raid markers or similar). The goal is to eliminate the opposing team by destroying their swords through bonking. Eliminated players must leave the game field. Once the opposing team has been eliminated in full, the team whose member(s) survived proceed to Match 2.

Match 2

The team whose member(s) survived Match 1, proceed to fight for victory in a last person standing among themselves. Another Foam Sword Rack is placed for the players to conjure a new sword if it was destroyed in the previous match.

The victor of Bonk-Alore is the last person standing from Match 2.

Game locations for this event:

We’ll start with the Moonball tournament, and then move to Bonk-Alore. Bonk-Alore competitors will be given an opportunity to test the terrain before the game starts, and prior match 1 the teams will be given a moment to discuss tactics among themselves.

There may be some prizes to be announced before the event. Sign-ups will be taken at the event.

If anyone is interested in setting up a stall by the walk path vendoring food, drink or something else, they’re welcome to - just please be in touch about it!


Very sad to have missed the great bonking at the Spring Festival but will 100% be attending the Bonk-Alore & Moonball Tourney!

There also may or MAY NOT be a certain pet rock vendor, peddling her wares once more.

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Sounds great, hope you can still make it! Welcome!

This event happens on Saturday!

Prizes for the Moonball contest. The winner may decide which option they prefer to claim, the other one will go to the runner-up.

Will try find the time to draw something for the Bonk-Alore game as well.


The event happens tonight! Hope to see some of you there.

Prizes for Bonk-Alore drawn by myself. The wooden pendant is awarded to people whose team proceeds to the second match. The silver pendant is awarded to the winner of the second match.


Great, now I have join in on the fun and try to win!

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Looking forward to it Mori! :mirror_ball: :person_fencing:

Also those who like it, I’ll be recycling some music from the Alor’el Spring Festival for background ambience & epic beats for the sports:


Also in case it was unclear to anyone, the event’s precise location on map:


Fun as always. Looking forward to the next tournament! Something about third time being the charm, I’ll totally win that one.


Thanks everyone who joined the event! Below a write-up of the activities.

People gathered on a meadow outside Astranaar to play Moonball and Bonk-Alore, many eagerly awaiting their turn to showcase their skills and join in on the excitement.

Moonball marked the start of the event, featuring twelve players; Arkana’san, Moridunum, Terelias, Dyonella, Ravos, Brigita, Sylrin, Lysondra, Beans, Tekky, Lisa and Frolbar.

The matches of the first round comprised three players in the game ring at once, to trim the tournament brackets into one versus one matches for the second and third round.

Brigita Starshot emerged as the victor, with Beans, a former Moonball champion, coming as a close second. The exceptionally dexterous gnome presented a formidable challenge to the Warden.

Bonk-Alore attracted the participation of fourteen players, who were split into teams of seven. In order to enhance the difficulty and promote strategic thinking, the game field included various elements such as a large statue, pillars, and shrubbery.

Team Winter formulating their battle plan.

Team Summer endeavored to exploit the terrain for their benefit.

“It was a slaughter!” laughed some as the initial match concluded in what appeared to be an instant.

The collaboration of Team Summer was remarkable, but what would ensue when your teammates become your adversary in the second match?

The triumph in the last person standing competition was claimed by Tekkyi.

Following the conclusion of the tournaments, Acrona suggested an additional free-for-all Bonk-Alore match on the open field, resulting in enthusiastic participation. Tekkyi reaffirmed his rightful status as champion by prevailing once more, while Brigita scored the runner-up position.

After the games, people moved to Astranaar to indulge in drinks, relaxing and cooling down after all the exercise.

An album with great screenshots by Rhyn’ri, thank you for these!


It was a fun and great event! A shame I had to leave parteay through and missed out on the Bonk-Alore!

Next time I will be there to become the new Champion!(I hope)

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