[A-RP] Scourge RP - Followers of Domination ⛓

IC Introduction:

“Those who walked the path of the Master were blessed with power, knowledge and unity under his benevolent rule. We followed every command, atrocity and necessity for the future of the Scourge.
Now that future has been taken away from us. The banshee has stripped us of our purpose, but the values of what was once held shall be fulfilled again. The Frozen Throne stands, and so shall we.
For the Lich King.”

OOC Information:

Greetings lads,

The Followers of Domination are a newly established guild of individuals who still follow the beliefs and ideals of the Scourge before the shattering of the Helm of Domination and its takeover by the Mawsworn. Forming in defiance of the Jailer, the followers’ goal is to create a sort of “New Scourge” in honour of their fallen master and retake what was once theirs.

This group aims to be a replacement and or successor group to the Cult of the Damned as we aim to try and revitalize Scourge RP on Argent Dawn throughout Shadowlands and beyond. The followers’ hierarchy stems from the dictatorship of their self-proclaimed Dark Lord who commands these loyalists of their fallen master to conduct a personal war of vengeance against the Jailer and his allies.

In addition to interrupting and fighting against the Mawsworn, the Followers of Domination will explore the vast realms of death for the purpose of finding artifacts for their own devious misconducts.


Dark Lord: The Dark Lord is the overarching leader of the followers. They reprsent all the values of the Scourge before the takeover by the Jailer and his Mawsworn. Upon the destruction of the Helm of Domination and by proxy the Lich King, a new Dark Lord rose from the aftermath to uphold the legacy of the fallen king. This position is currently held by Nelox

Herald: Heralds are the hands of the Dark Lord and the officers within the followers. Each Herald represents a cultural value within the Scourge. Whether it be the crimson reds of the San’layn, or the icy winds of the frozen wastes, they are the most trusted and are the backbone of the followers. Currently no one holds this rank.

Lichsworn: When they have proven they are ready, a mere cultist can ascend to the rank of Lichsworn. These members are the elite amongst the followers and are hand picked by the Dark Lord himself to serve as exemplars and icons for guild.

Cultist: Cultists are the proven members of the followers and are the standarized rank for the average disciple of the Dark Lord. They are the ascended of the acolytes and have proven they are worthy of walking the path of the damned.

Acolyte: Acolytes are the yet to be fully inducted initiates of the followers who have yet to prove themselves to a Herald or the Dark Lord to be worthy of ascending to the rank of cultist.


Q: If the primary purpose of the FoD is to go against the Mawsworn, are they willing to cooperate with the living against them?

A: Yes. If the Followers see an opportunity in working with the living to achieve their goals then it is indeed possible.

Q: What sets the Followers of Domination apart from the Ebon Blade?

A: While the Ebon Blade’s main goal in the Shadowlands is to save Azeroth and to stop the Jailer, the Follower’s goal is to gradually rebuild the Scourge’s power structure and to avenge their fallen master.

Q: Are there any class/race/level restrictions?

A: We accept all classes and races however if your character was a paladin or light-based priest IC we would not accept you. Concerning level restrictions, a requirement of 50 is needed to join.

Q: What will a newcomer do upon joining the guild?

A: Newcomers to the guild will undergo a small trial to prove their loyalty to the followers which will finally end with a taboo ceremonial event with the Dark Lord or a Herald officially welcoming them into the guild as a Cultist


Ingame - Nelox - Alliance

Discord - Nelox#3921

Btag - Immortal#23980


Really good idea. Lich King good, others bad


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Seems like good fun though!


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Which Lich King are you looking to worship here…



The Followers are planning several small events for the duration of the pre-patch, once the scourge event begins. Stay tuned!


This looks quite interesting! I will definitely be in contact soon.


Interesting, solid concept, will throw in my hat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Scourge agents faltered and broke to the will of the jailer with the fall of the Lich King. As the sky shattered, the former Scourge members were unleashed and ravaged wildly across the land, under the command of the Mawsworn.

But some resisted. One particular scourge Lich felt the darkness and influence of the Jailer gnaw at his mind, forcing it to submit. But if there was any motivation in this Lich, it was all attributed to loyalty to his king.

He casts away his doubts and steps forth towards the Mawsworn keep, followed closely by two of his chosen agents. The cold winds of Northrend howl with fury as the dead turn on eachother once again.


And they have… As the Mawsworn’s attention was turned away towards the living, a huge flesh golem called “The Obyrith” carved wildly into their backlines, smashing and crashing necromancers and skeletons, raisers and raised alike, like mere fragile twigs, followed by the silent chortle of Nelox and the very potent and audible slobber-laughing of Parasitus. The Followers stormed their way into the ritual chamber…

The ring was unlike anything the dark priestess had ever seen. The glimmer in her eyes would have surprised even the mage, were he not incapacitated at the time. For nobody that knew her would have ever believed she would be able to look at something with such hope and passion ever again…

An artifact of untold power, picked up gracefully by the Lich as he stepped over the corpse of the Mawsworn Kyrian that guarded it. He lifted it high up into the air in a sign of victory, using no words, but using it to mark the very day with a mutual unspoken acknowledgment, bestowing his Followers with a sense of dread that steeled their dark hearts and renewed their vigor: The Dark Crusade of the Followers of Domination has begun…


After shooting off with a good start, the Followers have decided to take a break till two weeks after the Shadowlands release, so that all members can enjoy the new content, after which we will resume activity and events.


Hey i would really enjoy Rping wiht u guys . :slight_smile:


With the second week of WoW: Shadowlands coming to a close, the Followers return to craft their vengeance once more. We are officially resuming RP.


A fragment of hope for The Followers started to flicker when the fragment of Domination fell into their hands.

Some were eager, of course.

Some were even afraid… Not all of the Followers have benefit of fearlessness of undeath.

Nobody, however, knew what the enigmatic Lich was feeling. His content demeanor was as potent as ever.

Truth is, The Followers gained a possible way into the Shadowlands. A dangerous endeavor, to be sure, but one that is required to complete the circle.

The storyline continues… And The Followers wish you all, unliving and living alike, a merry Christmas!
We hope to meet you soon… In this world… Or the one below!


Astendagan walked in as the Night Elf walked out. Nelox kept himself busy, it seemed.
He regarded the people around him with great interest. The order had grown, that much was obvious. He exchanged a sour glance with the San’layn, and looked towards the Fleshcrafter, amused. What an eccentric fellow. His antics were always a comedic thing to watch, although most of the other members would dare disagree.
Nelox did not seem nearly as distracted, however. His icy eyes burned with a vengeance as he stared into the circle.
“Begin.” He declared with his cold tone like sheets of crumpled papers which echoed in the icy tomb.

The Cult channeled their eldritch magics into the runes below, and the reagents in the middle disappeared. Consumed by the spell, they faded into the blackness which formed into the center.
Truth is, magic requires focus and concentration. It’s rather uncommon for one to not lose themselves into the trance of channeling. Thus, when the huge, fiery, metallic gauntlet burst from the ground, likely everyone was caught unexpecting.

The ritual had failed, and as a consequence, the giant construct from the hells below gave them no quarter. It lashed out with burning rage towards the pesky Fleshcrafter that was using his concoctions to dig into it’s armor. It’s hulking fist was thrown off course by the Lich’s apprentice. Her magic blasted into it’s shoulder and it slammed a short distance from the Fleshcrafter.
The Lich pierced it’s back with a mighty ray of necrotic energy. Before it’s body could fall unto the Fleshcrafter, the San’layn wrapped the Behemoth with conjured crimson tendrils, forcing it up from the ground.

As big as the monster was, it looked helpless grasped by the San’layn. Before Astendagan could laugh, it vanished from sight, leaving the tendrils to flail to the ground… The elf conjured a dome of blood around herself just in time to take the giant fist that reappeared once more in front of her, releasing a thundering sound that roared into the cavern.

As the creature was turning it’s attention towards the Lich, thinking the San’layn to be “dead”, the Dark Mage’s enlargened boulder crashed into the plates of it’s arm, carving another opeining and pushing it against the ground. Chains of the Necromancer wrapped all around it’s body as the geist and the plague hound were pinning it, grasping it tightly.

The angry San’layn released her vengeful storm of static into the armor’s openings. Disrupting the energies holding it’s plates together, the Behemoth exploded in an inferno of Shadowflames, leaving the still adrenaline-filled Followers empty-handed, with only the shrieking of the air and the numbness of cold for their comfort.

“It seems I’ve… Miscalculated…” Astendagan was surprised to hear Nelox utter these words, but they improved the situation little. The San’layn’s malcontent demeanor filled the air oppressively and effectively. Astendagan could find very little reason to blame her, but he blamed her nonetheless. There was not much else he could do.

Much to his surprise, few of the followers were reluctant towards attempting the ritual again. He was having none of it. They argued the subject at length… Till the Lich sent them on their way so he could rethink his plans.

“If you don’t like our atmosphere, perhaps you shouldn’t be around the unliving.” Were the San’layn’s last words toward him as he departed the cavern. He would scoff, walk off, and ponder. No matter, he was no stranger to failure. It’s not really… The end of the world?"


The Marchioness tapped her blackened claws against the back of the leather-bound journal in an idle manner, a trace of disappointment still etched onto her pale features. “Too easy” she thought to herself as the retrieving of the dark magus’s journal had proven to be an unexpected walk in the park. She pondered his apparently evident lack of care for personal belongings ere coming to the conclusion that a mind riddled by malice to such an extent as his must simply lack the ability to fathom much more. With a smirk born of spite on her lips, her fingers made their way to the latest entry in the journal…

“…Something was missing… Swyne, of course. In his place was Epoch, whose eerie presence made the air grow heavy. “The Will of the Darkmaster”, or “Zedar” as he’s otherwise known. People among the Followers were mere shells of their former selves, a detail I picked up early on. Epoch took to this rule quite literally, however, as a dark, huge animated suit of armor is all that’s left of him… Both his weapon and his prison.

As the Followers managed to finally cross the veil through the Shadowlands, they took Epoch with them. But when they did, Epoch left his prison behind, leaving the dark fellowship to deal with the deranged spirit of Zedar once they arrived in Maldraxxus. The malice in its even gaze left me silent. Though in spite of its instincts, it knew that it had little chance of surviving in the green wasteland on its own, so it joined forces with the Followers, for now. Both Epoch… and Zedar. The greenish, desert-like land of Maldraxxus held a very poor source of hope for Shanura, much to Thalishka’s amusement. I did not let my worries show, of course. As for Nelox, it’s always hard to tell, but the beauty of the machine of death is that it never relents in its path to its purpose. I chuckled as I thought to myself what could have ever been of Nelox’s humanity, If there is one thing I could understand, then it would probably be vengeance-…”

The Marchioness scoffed as the text began to dwindle into malign poetry. "We have searching to do.” She ridiculed the end-sentence with her thoughts as she flung the journal back towards the dark magus’s belongings in her far too familiar, lofty fashion.

“That grinning fool couldn’t find his own backside if I so gave him a map to it.”


The lush green lands of Maldraxxus… No, it is not a forest. The opposite, in fact. The content state of the Followers is swiftly dispatched by the grim reality that set in. They weren’t supposed to be here, and every denizen of the Shadowlands was eager to punish their intrusion.

Little time was found for study, lest for Shanura Lovemay of course, as their main priority was now to escape. The enigmatic wraith, Zedar, unveiled to the Followers a ritual they could use to achieve this. It required six specific crystals for its components. The crystals were scattered across the Shadowlands. The third being the one scattered the most, having the Followers use their wit and knowledge to piece it back together. An ancient magical contraption required the sacrifice of life for the binding to succeed. Vyldur the Decrepit nobly sacrificed his soul. “I am to inevitably die soon, regardless.” He argued.

An unfortunate fate. Vyldur was already in Maldraxxus when the Followers arrived. He boldly offered to join forces, and died as abruptly as he came. Astendagan was… Particularly moved.

Lady Ardes, an unsuspected ally from Acherus offered to help procure a new body for him, as the old one was now rather decimated by the spell. Why she is willing to work together was still a mystery to Astendagan. Nelox had his ways…

The fourth crystal now rests in the hand of a mysterious stranger, who approached the Followers individually, by preying on their arrogance, he planted the seeds of betrayal…"


The Followers have managed to escape the Shadowlands, albeit a bit scattered. If you’re interested in our shenanigans, this is the time to hit us up!

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