[A-RP] - The festival of Strength - Bul’ghaz Khara’kaz! 24-26th of May

A-RP - The festival of Strength - Bul’ghaz Khara’kaz! 24-26th of May

Posters of a festival have been plastered over both notice boards and tavern walls in around the kingdoms of the Alliance. An invitation to all the peoples under the blue banners:

Map: [A-RP] - The festival of Strength - Bul’ghaz Khara’kaz! 24-26th of May - #31 by Hruroth-argent-dawn
Poster: [A-RP] - The festival of Strength - Bul’ghaz Khara’kaz! 24-26th of May - #27 by Hruroth-argent-dawn

Schedule - 2024-05-24T17:00:00Z2024-05-26T17:00:00Z

Friday 24th May

Saturday 25th May

Sunday 26th May

OOC Information:

Games, dance and revelry! (All days)

During all three days, we will have a myriad of stalls for food, bards and entertainment available to those not participating! This will be dependent on days and availability of folks willing to have their craft shared. As mentioned earlier, if you are interested in sharing your craft of music, food or drinks Contact the OP (In game name Coalsmith) and we can check what we can make together!

Festival feast (22:30 Sunday - 26th)

After all efforts, strength spent and winners given their due. A feast will be held into the night, with drinks, food and merriment to spare! Where both drinking games and fun activities are planned, ones that don’t require sign ups nor strength. This is purely for revelry and fun! The feast will be held around the tavern in Kharanos. If you have interest in playing songs, or have a bard looking for a stage to play their tunes? Contact the OP (In game name Coalsmith) And we can see what we can accommodate!

(Reserved for a link - MAP image)

Challenges (All days)

Rules of the Challenge signups

Winners and prices

Challenges (All days)

Friday 24th - Algaz’ Al-Modan - Mountains path / Rock-race

Friday 24th - Krumdul'Ganbar - Boulder Smash

Saturday 25th - Krum'Haldar - Rock hold

Saturday 25th - Krum'Rollhaz - Rock toss

Saturday 25th - Kargan’Thurul - Hammer throw

Sunday 26th - Kunvar’garakaz - Anvil breaker

Sunday 26th - Tharrnak il Modin - Mountain brawl







Extra notes

I am thankful for the support of all the people willing to help and attend!
I will adjust and add to this post all through before the start of the event.

I - SADLY lack the Trust level to post maps and or screens, this info will be found in this forum thread along with other sources (Discords etc.)

Thank you all again, and see you in the mountains!

/Morgrim Coalhammer


Everyone! Get in here!

Can’t wait for this Morgrim, it’s going to be a good ol’ time!



I’m Captain Krza’kou, and this is my favourite dwarf on the Alliance.


The legendary soot-chonk himself, hosting epic games? I’ve died and gone to muscled-Dwarf valhalla!

:muscle: :mountain_snow: :hammer_and_pick:


A test of strength? I may just have to go all out! :fire: :muscle: :mount_fuji:


As nice as the example given is, it does not quite show what ‘alliance-aligned neutrality’ is. Is the Argent Crusade Alliance-aligned? And if it isn’t, what if my Character itself is?

Also, I think you meant anything above 10? ^^

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Yo! Cheers for the edit, as yeah was a slight typo on my part hah!

And indeed, it’s flexible; neutrality is a tricky subject. I merely put it there to use as an example of at least not showing up as for instance, a pirate. Hoping to be given “Free passage” under the guise of neutrality.
All in hope as to NOT cause issues in the event itself. :beers:

IE. If it makes sense, then sure. The event will accommodate. Simply respect that it’s in Dwarven lands, and under the Alliance banners.

I hope that clears it up? :grin: Going to go over some of the texts here so it’s a bit more refined and or clearer.


Hyped!!! Gonna be so much fun!


I’ll be there!

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So excited to be a part of this!


I’ve been summoned to host a dwarven jig. There shall be a dwarven jig. :dancing_men::dancing_women:

The event looks great, wonderful to see a dwarf themed celebration! Morgrim/Coalsmith is such a pleasant person to talk with, and there’s clearly a lot of passion poured into this, I warmly encourage everyone to attend!


Say it with me now: OCH!


The reconstituted Sixth Cohort of the Anvilrage Legion may just make an appearance, to enjoy a well-deserved reprieve after months battling who knows what in who knows where.

Looking forward to an endless flow of ale, war stories and toeing the line with a bit of Bronzebeard-Dark Iron-Wildhammer banter!


Did someone say… BRAWLS?


if a wildhammer doesn’t win the hammer throw i don’t wanna live in this world anymore


Do not be fooled by all the typical type of Dwarven stuff that will take place in this event, for folks who are less likely to participate in feats of strentgh and perhaps see no need to participate in physical exercise of binge drinking, us more sophisticated Dwarves will be around as well, for good conversation, and drinking the finest of wines.



Super happy to see such enthusiasm for this lil’ gatherin’!

I have made some updates to both some texts, minor errors and typos.
Along with rephrasing for clarity! Hopefully :wink:

I have also adjusted the schedule for the event, Saturday mostly to accommodate more revelry in between the major planned activites. Dances will now act as fun breaks between some of the challenges on saturday!

I will keep updates posted until the event starts on the 24th May, in the week a poster will be posted as well. Both here and on Discord, stay tuned!



Well, well, well…

Is this finally where we will have our rematch, Coalsmith?

This looks super rad, love all of the varied contests and even a JIG!
I’ll be gunning on attending, if not the brawl at least a hearty dance…


Well, well, well …

Perhaps it IS time to bash some skulls, aye?!

Haha, no - sadly I will have to focus on the organisation of the event. But I hope you can join for the challenges! And yet have a chance at a spot in the mountain brawls! :muscle:



We love to see it