About "Have an account in good standing"

What does “Have an account in good standing mean” and how can i know it? I’ve asked this on the pre-patch forum threath, but without a definitive answer, the hint has worried me badly. I’m a veteran, i started this account back in Pandaria, and had the bad idea of botting back in the times of WoD and Honorbuddy. I had a 6 month ban, i stopped playing the game, and i picked it back some time after. I haven’t botted since then, discovered Argent Dawn and i found out there was more to this game than competitive playing. This happened 6 years ago.

Does this mistake mean everything i’ve done since the moment the ban was lifted over this account, i was automatically excluded for been able to help and introduce people to this game? Why did you lifted the ban if you were planning on excluding convicts? I was really looking forward to this system, and sent a lot of suggestions about how this aspect of the game could be.

I hope i’m wrong, but if the answer is yes, then i’m afraid to tell you i’m not playing anymore. This is pure punition. If i you’re banned and is temporary, once the time is done, should be truly done, not been privated from parts of the social experience of the game for a lifetime in the account.

Please, clarify this. Ty.

Every time I take a break from wow a get rid of my account, and when I come back I get a brand new account (Check my achiev points).

In legion and BFA I have come and gone 5 times, each time with a new account each time reacing high raiting in pvp and mythic raiding.

I dont understand the points of staying on one account.

If this worries you just buy a new account for Shadowlands

Eh? Why… one battle net can hold 8 wow accounts…

Ye sure buddy

We don’t know the exact criteria, and you probably wont get a blue post.
You should just assume it means no suspensions, at all.

I’m sorry but if you’re a past botter then you’re not in good standing. I don’t know why this would come as a surprise.

According to a comment here:

“You’re not eligible to be a guide because you have a penalty on your account history.”

Any previous account flag is taken into consideration. The OP of that comment was suspended back in cata.

I’ve been suspended in the past for clipping through the MoP city to troll Alliance players, i’m in the same boat as you (although I’d personally argue botting is much worse), so maybe they’ll do a wipe specifically for this feature.

Although getting suspended is not the norm and it is honestly fair for Blizzard not to give us the benefit of the doubt.

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Prolly it means dont be banned for at least 2 years or something. Or an entire xpac length.

Afaik if you have been banned for botting then ye, sounds like a you problem. You should have received an perma bann to begin with.

i don’t mind helping new players when i got nothing better to do.
but i have no idea what an account in good standing means.
if good standing means you can post gifs and stuff on the forums then i guess my account is not.

to not waste time IRL when you not enjoy the patch. I get rid of my account when I wanna focus on IRL and im “Done” with the patch. Then If next patch looks nice I buy a new account and come back.

Haveing a an active account is just tempting to log on when u not really enjoy it. This account for example was created 10 days ago to check pre-patch

My old account I got rid of 2 months ago and had cutting edge and 2700 raiting this season. I can send some link with similar name as I have now and it has not been touched since, probably they will remove it from armory soon aswell.

Just saying to OP, new accounts work just as good.

Thats trust level 3. Also Forum and ingame accounts are handled differently. You can be banned on the forums but log into the game for instance.


Such sentence has the validity of precisely 0%. Lemme make a new account, name the character scosomething and then imma say im sco.

I can also upload a video to youtube with this char, and on same account u find pvp videos at 2700 raiting from this season and cutting edge clips. If you pay me I will do it. Scrub learn to accept there are people better than you.

Edit: I do like people like you tho. Every time I come back and want to join arena with someone who is 1700 cr they write " you have no xp" then I have to tell them the same story and end up easy carrying them to 2100 :smiley:

I too have been wondering about this only had vacation time on the forums tho

If this is true then the system is fundamentally flawed and it should be informed in the email when you are banned. In big letters. Your account will forever be mutilated but you will still be able to pay the same amount of money for less the services. The time of the ban? That meant nothing. Justice is been everflawed.

Am i the only one who sees the abuse here? So now i have to pay 25€ to transfer my main character to another account, buy shadowlands again, if i want to opt in to be recognized as community helper? For a 6 years ago ban?

Is completely disproportioned, and i honestly believe it violates Spain laws. Not expert in laws, but what is this half yes half no. You are either punished or not, not forever marginal. Fix this.

He is the world’s best mage that did not know were the taunt button on his DH was .

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What did you expect when you decided to cheat on your account? A slap on the wrist and for it to be forgotten?

Although you might be in luck. As I said i’ve been suspended and on the PTR I can talk to the NPC and it says I am eligible. Although it doesn’t do anything when I click to sign up.

I agree, if it means been forever in the shadow. If i would have known i would have spent my time on a different account.

I actually have a friend who does this.

But he only tends to play like 3 months every 2 years.

I however would be mortified to start over without any of the stuff I have earned. Even my 2nd account is on the same email so I have access to all my mounts, pets, transmogs etc.

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It’s a chat for new players :roll_eyes: You’re being incredibly dramatic


Sure whatever you say. Still a 0% Validity.

I see, i see

Aha, and in what way hmmm? Im utmost curious. They implented a system for their game, and implented their rule whether you can participate in it or not. Your laws will most certainly not cover it. But hey, bring them to court if you believe youre right.

You did something that is already regarded as a capital offense within the game. Cry some more.

Oh boohoo. Then buy another account. And with Perma bann i meant an hardware bann, forcing you in the very least to buy a new PC.

Not to mention its utterly stupid dependant on what you want to do ingame.

That is true, he kind of levels an alt to max, has big plans for it, but instead goes and makes another alt and starts the cycle all over again.

So him starting a new account isn’t really skin off of his nose.