Actions Taken to Address Exploitative Gameplay

a communist? wauw.

dude there are so many way to make gold quick. farm dungeons, herbs/veins (crystals in particular are very valuable on my server atm) and once you got a bit of gold you can deathroll to instantly increase it with a bit of luck.
i once rinsed a guy so hard he ended up owing me 3k gold.
see first you rinse them for all they got, and then continue indebting them.
then once they are deep in debt to you, you give them the “one more deathroll, if you win, debt is wiped, if i win, its doubled”
worked for me. now i eventually ended up feeling bad for the guy and we reached a compromise after a couple of months because the farm was driving him crazy and he got demoralized. i did not get my full 3k gold, but i got about 1800 and settled for 600 instant pay (he was paying me back 100g weekly).

Thanks - this is what we needed.

Please keep it up - We know it costs you money but that stuff was slowly killing the game.

Please do not wait another 6 months before the next wave!

you are just clueless

can you explain us how the game is meant to be played? Like official source and not some demon hunter player imagination xD?

the game is meant to be played how yourself as a player want it to be meant to be played. theres no rule. dont cheat and be happy with whatever you do. why listen to others with their invalid opinions regarding people who have fun in what they are doing.

Called it.

Now you’ll get the pleasure of waiting for the next one, while thinking they’re “on top of it” after seeing the same reported characters month in and month out doing the same bot pattern over and over again.

Are you then not going to hurt the legit player or players that brought those items herbs minerals ect from the AH with no knowledge of were they came from ?

I’m glad to see something being done, but I’m still afraid this barely meets the minimum of what we should be able to expect from you.

I think you should get better at communicating and let us know what’s going on. It shows us that you care and take this matter seriously. There’s no need to go in debt about which system you are using etc, but give us the numbers on how many violations were met, what kind of punishments they are looking at etc. Simple statistics.

I get that it can be hard sometimes to determine whether or not a player is botting. Especially if they combine it with playing themselves in between or having an alert system that notifies them whenever someone whispers them or says their name so they can quickly tune in and pretend they were playing all along. Don’t just rely on programs and robots, hire more people to initiate manual investigations because that is as you say yourself the only way to be sure you are not taking action against a legitimate player.

I would normally say I look forward to hearing what plans you have ahead in regards to addressing cheating, but the recent measure of implementing a 30 instance cap over a 24 hour period has left me worried that more measures which will punish legitimate players are going to be implemented as well…

And finally can you say anything about the severity of the penalties put on the violators’ accounts? Were they permanently banned? Did they have all their items stripped and characters deleted? Or are you being more lenient? A few months ban but they get to keep everything?

Probably a 6 month suspension.


Went to hinterlands like an hour ago to level up herbalism, After i landed (ally fp) i found 4 bots in 5 minutes. 4 rogues 1 druid. Like 15m running around i found an other rogue and 2 mages botting. Now how is that i can find these so easely yet these so called

can’t. I must be superman


hitting 30 is easy if you’re a druid farming mcps, if they still have it when naxx comes around feral druid wont work because you wont be able to have those 20 mcps that are needed for naxx most of the time

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Are these Perma bans or 6 month bans?

you also need to increase the speed of ban waves, so that less time passes between each ban, the faster the ban waves happen, yes the numbers will be smaller and less headline and attention grabbing, yet they will impact botters a LOT more, making it more expensive for them to get away with botting, as I’ve said elsewhere


Good job blizzard.

And it’s quite fun after I’ve finished reading the thread. It’s something like dis:
Blizzard guy: I’d talk about anti-cheating.
User A: Remove the daily dungeon limitation.
User B: Balance things!
A to B: No! Balance is OK, remove the limitation!
B to A: No! Limitation is OK, rebalance the game!
A to B: No! F you!
B to A: F you!

To be honest some players don’t really care about “fair play”, they just keep advocating “things can make ME happy is right, otherwise it’s wrong”. And botting is a topic where they can being toxic legally.

Some dude mentioned SE’s anti-cheating, imo it’s rather not SE are working harder, it’s their game community itself got a healthy circumstance (witch avoid stimulating players’ desire for high gear or in-game wealth) that give farmers or botting little space. Try FF14 JPN servers.

Seriously blizzard, you should also fix the mindset and common sense of some players’.


Not impressed. I expect you to post another banwave next month. Then I will start believing the things you say in this excuse of a post you just so conveniently made after the backlash the previous one caused.


At least something.
Now lets go check are our favorite bots still online :smiley:

Remember when a botting ban got someone a permanent ban?

Blizzard gave in and made it 6 months, what a bunch of cats.

At ZT most of the Stratholme bots are gone => Stratholme Daily on Zandalar Tribe. Well at least they aren’t in there online in their usual hours

They probably meant for Classic exploiters.

Retail didnt see banwave like for years yet bots still there.

YEEES. Thanks a bunch Blizz. Better late than never. But still. This was really needed. :slight_smile:

@Kaivax: Thank you for the post! As a few others have suggested, could you pass on an idea of for example montly post about numbers of bans. Other gaming companies do this, for example Gaijin, who are responsible for several games, including War Thunder. They actually go so far that they publish the nicknames of banned accounts for War Thunder, but their numbers run in just hundreds. We are not asking for this level of precision, just more transparency. :slight_smile:

@All: This was an interesting note and something I suspected was going on with certain characters…