Adventure / Archaeology RP?

Any mention of an Adventure / Archaeology guild or group around?

Mercenary / House / Trade Rp isn’t my thing.


Hello friend!

I run an adventure guild horde side (the Dust Devils!) - but there’s also plenty of others; the Red Venturers for one, and I think the Blood Howl also? :smiley:


Hey, Merrin!

Right now I am not aware of any adventuring/archaeological guilds on the Alliance, at the top of my head. I will be honest, it would have been cool to see a proper guild themed around adventure, archaeology and learning. Like something based on the Explorer’s League!

As for the Horde side, I was formerly a member of the Dust Devils, and I can genuinely recommend them to you if you want an adventure based guild, rooted in lighthearted RP and fact paced events! You do not even need to be a member of the guild to get to experience the DMing before you make a decision, that is how hospitable Kait is!

I am not aware of any archaeological guilds and cannot speak for any of the other adventure guilds on Horde side. I have roleplayed with members of both Red Venturers and Blood Howl in the past and they seem like nice people.

Good luck finding a guild and community that suits your style!


I find it a little odd there isn’t an explorer league guild on Alliance, seems like a perfect guild theme :frowning: I’m just throwing guilds out here I’ve seen on the forum

I don’t know anything about them but to me it seems they do some archeology rp :woman_shrugging:t2:

and I think on Alliance the closest thing would be this Dwarf guild that seems to be focused on adventure :slight_smile:

or maybe this, though the thread is locked, but they have recent activity so guess they’re still active?

I also think these can be a fit if you want some magic focused research /exploring

I might add I’m looking for something similar myself that’s why I’ve payed attention to similar guilds here :sweat_smile:


I believe there is also Delve Institute that offers archaeology/exploration stuff. Outside of that, there used to be some guilds that neatly fitted this concept area but they disbanded over time; Silver Archaeology for example, Brass, and a few others.

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Thanks all for the information. I’m seeking said Rp on this character thus the Alliance side :slight_smile: It does sound appealing to dabble on Horde at times if there are groups partaking in such adventures. Although, Merrin is the main character of mine who I have been developing for a good few years now.


I’m not opposed to trying to start up a little group, I just don’t want to have sole… err… responsibility and ‘carry’ other Rpers. That can burn anyone out and fast.


Ahh… good times!

There is the wayfarers association. You could give them a try!

Heyo! Oh me and my fellowship are out and about! Telling tales and making them aplenty! Hah!

Right now we are having a stay in Stormheim for a “hunting errand” :beers::mountain_snow:
With possible secrets hiding beneath the very request itself …

But in regards to the search for adventure / archeology I know a few guilds of that nature that hang around stormwind from time to time. So never a bad idea to have a walk through the city to see what people offer! Or check the hub discord’s for that info :grin::+1:

Sadly I find it hard with guilds as I do not want to assume their intent by recommending a lot by name :sweat_smile:

Although we in the Morodnir, are ever so happy to share a pint or two :beers:

Keep your feet in the ground and see you around!

I kinda loathe being stuck in Stormwind… :neutral_face:


Regardless of joining a guild if your character is of the exploration mindset, no reason to stay stuck in stormwind. Take to the road and explore the other hubs and travel rp.


For socially awkward folks like myself who are in their 30’s, I feel this is easier said than done. Especially if you’ve been MIA for a while. Anyway. Sure.

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I’ll look into it, thanks!

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