After today I get the Mythic+ LFG struggle of some players to find a group

Being able to que (at least for the lower keys) might get more people into playing M+ due to being able to be productive and not get declined for class/spec/talent/race etc. If I could just pop myself into que and go do other things I actually wouldn’t mind giving M+ a try again (last time was in Legion and I did maybe +5). I don’t really like the whole concept (timers, same dungeons with different effects etc), but the biggest turn off for me is the completely wasted time when I have to sit there and manually click on groups for 2 hours and not even get one run.

plenty of people play low keys . all you have to do is list key and write "free valor " and you will have ton of 280 people quing.

do you know what i did last tier when i dinged my survival ? with 226 itlv i started to list my key with "can you please help me get GV " - in 1 evening i pushed key to timed 16 :slight_smile:

but for some reason people are terrified to list their keys,

Well for starters you need a key to list it and to get a key you need to either run a regular mythic or do someone else’s key… which puts us right back to manually checking groups.

I cant imagine that . Yea it might work . Now imagine its random group comp .

Its tyranical week, u have one tank , one heal ( no shaman) and u get like SP, bala druid , and whatever else ( or 2of those )
Your key will be upper kara, and u will realize right at medievh that u cant finish your run .

Cant you get key at oribos if u dont have any ?

Like most posters, your are entirely wrong.

You can get a M+2 key from a vendor right side of the great vault, stands to the left of the guild bank portal. Costs nothing. Do the +2, you will have dozens of overgeared valor slaves join. +3 it easy to a +5. And so on and so forth…

nope. all you need is to speak to npc in oriboros who is near GV . instant key

If that happens then the game is balanced like crap and we need better developers.

Root cause of problem is people fail in m+

And experienced people dont want to party with newbies - most of time people want over geared/skilled people in pug due to nature of pugs.

So with current system newbies cant really practice or learn even if they wanted… Its like for job u need experience and without job u cant have experience.

If they introduce lfg m+ many people can learn and even bother enter m+.

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Newbies can always group up toghether and learn dungeon toghether. Its called being in guild . Or in community. Dont expect to be carried for Free just because you want to . Find 4 other likeminded people and learn from your failures together

Who are expecting to be carried in pug?

Guild, communities, find people… Not working for many people who just log in for limited times and wanna jump into dungeon asap.

In such cases m+ lfg tool will be really helpful.

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I’ll skip S4 altogether and just prepare my position m paladin for wotlk :pinched_fingers:

This is good idea bit kinda waste of time as you will be most lijely able to boost 1 char to 70 with wolk classic launch .

I…dont pay money for that :face_exhaling:
Or is it for free? Oo

Most likely IT will be like with tbc . Definetly wort spending money then wasting time leveling in classic

Thank you so much for only quoting 4 words and leaving out the “at least for the lower keys” part. I admit I haven’t done M+ in ages, but I doubt it has changed so much that lower keys are team comp reliant.

Only if you have completed M+ in the current season… maybe I’m not entirely wrong here after all.

The fault is that Valor is even in the game? The game is literally to blame for the awful game design. When it is worth it as DPS players to just sign up for +8 or +10 keys and spam to get items they need and then upgrade them with Valor, because it is still going to take like 40 runs to get that dumb Mechagon ring anyway, then that is poor game design.

The Valor / Vault system is absolutely terrible, any anyone who defends it is clueless or into C&B torture. The current in-game rIO system is also awful and rewards people who are bad at the game, because failing runs still gives massive amount of IO.

I am a tank, for me, getting grps is no problem, but I can appreciate how awful the Pug system is for DPS players. The only solution, really, is to host your own key and be extremely picky about who you chose and then to pray you do not get Lower Kara. If you can get stuff like Gambit, Streets, Junkyard, Grimrail and Workshop you can actually get carried all the way to +15 easily.

Another problem is game design in the form of Tanking M+. Legion tanking was much more fun / better / easier. This is 100 % on Blizzard. Why make threat a tank mini-game? Why add extra problems for tanks that are new to the game, when tank-shortage is a thing?

Easier / more fun tanking = More tanks = Less wait for DPS

Like Prot Warrior, yeah I think it is fun for me, but Reprisal / Necrolord is an abomination and impossible for ppl who are new to tanking. The easiest spec Guardian, is also just absolutely trash to play and sucks.

Then there is the fact that if you want to play Tank as an off spec… You have had to all Expansion waste LOADS of money just to buy a tank Leggo. Who came up with this absolutely idiotic idea? What better way to discourage tanks then making ppl pay money to buy tanking leggos. Also switching between tank and DPS is also really annoying with the covenant / conduit system. You have to first, switch to tank spec. Then you have to switch Covenant. Then you have to switch whatever dork tree you use in your covenant in your covenant base / 9.2 zone.

DPS design is also awful. Why would I pick any other spec than Hunter / Lock when they do crazy high dps with no skill required at all? Game is rigged against non-meta specs and I don´t remember it ever being this bad back in Legion.

It doesnt realy matter , soemone doing low keys probably has no gear for higher keys, or skill, or confidence. And tyranical is active since +2 so very begining.

And without kicks , medievh will hurt a lot on tyranical , even on low level keys, thats why i left that part, because for this particular example, it was pointles.

What i dont understand, is why every1 is so desperate to get uber ilvls/achievs to run +15 thats ez to clear… ITS THE NED OF THE EXPANSION ! What do you do with the gear you get? You play with it like what? 4 months? If it was the start of the expansion id understand that gear would help alot to get things going, but now?

Its the same sickness as always with wow community, no wonder only boomers like myself come back to play the new expansion 1-3 months then quit and repeat the cycle, new players cant play endgame with this community, they dont get a chance, even if they learn and struggle and get ilvl which they can clear np with it, they dont got the achievement or the +30 ilvls overkill for the content that the pugs require, and guilds that do endgame are worse then a job, who the hell comes back from school/work and “put in the work” in the scheduled time with the guild to wipe 5 hours…

They get plenty of chances. But IT is MMORPG game not league of legends. Make some friends run with them . Then you get insta invites :slight_smile: also you dont need to run +15. You can for example run +14 which are do nmuch easier to get into then 15 because you dont compwte with milion other dps

Everytime i “made friendds” in wow for arenas or M+ u barely stick for long, in pvp they just leave and thats it after a few defeats, and same in M+
The whole system put in place to even start endgame is trash, and the community is even worse.
Glad u mentioned League, its the same degen community.