[A/H/N PVE RP] "The cackling deep!" - a FULL SCALE PvE campaign, 23rd to 31st July! (STARTING TOMORROW!)

“Listen, I don’t have long - the names’ Wrench, and I’m gonna do my damndest to get you out of there alive!”

TL:DNR - It’s a globe hopping sandbox campaign, to stop an evil cult exploiting a demigod!




When the Dust Devils awoke amidst the wreckage of a drowning vessel with no memory of how they got there; only the frantic radio transmissions of a man known only as “Wrench” stood between them and a certain soggy demise!

Posing as a rogue employee of the greedy megacorporation AzeroDex Incorporated, Wrench spilled the beans on his bosses’ undersea activities - carving out the tender meat of a still living demi-god, to ship back to the surface and sell to the highest bidder!

Pleading with us to put the poor thing out of its misery, our radio host gave us a list of all the ingredients we’d need to make a poison capable of putting the agonised beast down quickly and painlessly. And yet, upon delivery, after fighting through scores of armed corporate goons - we found ourselves betrayed!

“For real though, it’s mighty apt we’re all under the sea; because you morons fell for it hook, line and sinker!”

For Wrench was no mere conscientious objector; and on his orders, we’d made no simple poison!

Watching in horror as the pulsating goop smothered the terrified creature, sinking deep into its brain - we realised only too late that we’d handed it, big, bad, and totally brainwashed over to the cackling cultists of the Joy Divison!

And now, with the power of a demi God behind them, these evil doers are reaching out, to plunge Azeroth into chaos!

With an enemy of this size, there’s no way Kaitylinn’s crew alone can rush in to save the day - will the forces of the Horde and Alliance come to team up and help out, OR will the free world be plunged into overjoyed delirium?!

Or will nobody reply to this thread and I’ll nervously crawl back into my corner of the realm and drink to forget?!

You’ll have to find out, in this mini (or maxi?!) campaign, coming SOONtm!!!


Hope you’re all good as can be here at the end of the world!

Okay, I used up my commute time writing the fluff, and now I’m about to get to work I need to keep the crunch short!


Basically, I’ve a HUGE plot idea resulting from the fallout of a big event I ran last night, and I’d like to turn it into a campaign!

In a nutshell; the badguys have a demi god, and in true totally-not-Lovecraftian style, they’re using it to reach out and dominate Azeroth - hypnotising the masses, and altering the landscape to their twisted whims!



I’ve had some interest, and I’m happy to confirm - ladies and gentlemen, its happening!

My first EVER full campaign! :partying_face:

It’ll be a sandbox style thing, held in a a few zones all over Azeroth!

In each zone, there’ll be a number of objectives we need to foil the Joy Divison’s diabolical schemes and undo the damage of their new pet demigod: as well as farming up a few ancient artefacts to help us destroy the thing in the final climactic undersea battle!!

It’s open to all factions - though there’s no PVP element planned; given the enemy we face, the last thing we need we need is to be fighting each other!

Any guild is welcome to sign up in the standard “Guild name/Number of players/Contact person” style - I’ll be looking for plenty of DMs too to help out! :smiley:

I’m very excited but also quite nervous as I’ve never done anything of this scale - so any and all advice and support is greatly appreciated !

We also have a date - I’m looking at the last week in July?!

Hope to see you there gamers;


Enjoy the brand spanking new campaign discord; now fully operational!


Kaitylinn here, shamelessly stealing the second comment just in case-!

Will be listing sign ups below: though because its my first ever try at this, I’ll be limiting numbers to between 80 to 100 people (150 people max!) - at least that way I can’t end up disappointing the entire server!


  • Dust Devils | Contact: Me | 5ish members

  • Valiant Accord | Contact: Alrodan |10ish members!

  • Shadow Runners | Contact: Nitro | 7ish members!

  • Thalassian Skyguard | Contact: Devontae | 6-15ish members!

  • The Folorn Order | Contact: Sixtus | 8-12ish members!

  • The Hand of Agony | Contact: Simetra | 5-7ish members!

  • Netherhowl

  • Dreadflare

  • Dust Scavengers | Contact: Kheenah | 7-10ish members!

  • Blazing Phoenix | Contact: Tialis | 8-12ish members!

Horde gamers at max attendance: 79


  • Glavewings | Contact: Syrune | 6-12ish members!

  • Jack Grimsdale (& kazoo) | 1 man and his instrument

  • Stormwind Investigations | Contact: Juniperr | 10-12ish members!

  • Obahar | The one and only

  • Myriia

  • Sutherlande

  • Nightblade Sentinels | Contact: Tinwetar | 8-12ish members!

  • Silvirin

Alliance gamers at max attendance: 41


  • Sanguine Claws | Contact: Moonfaze | 2 so far!

  • Wavesong | 1 woman and her fins

  • Greyheart Enclave | Contact: Lareya | 6-13ish members!

  • Kavindria

  • Rynia

Neutral gamers at max attendance: 18

Total gamers: 139/150

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Valiant Accord
+/- 10 members.

Contact: Alrodan-ArgentDawn

Only if it is from late July and on.

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Updated the thread- it’s happening folks!

Feel free to sign up below!

Extort-- I mean work for that crazy gal from Westfall and save the world from tyranny and oppression of a free society under the same hat?

bites her lip

We’ll think about it.

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Why must you broadcast our failures like this :weary:


Damn, boss! How far south did things turn for the Dust Devils after Worggrim’s departure?! :wink:

In all seriousness, this seems like such a cool project, and I hope people will enjoy your DMing as much as I always have!

-Maybe-, and that’s only a -maybe-, the Breaker of Chains will answer the call for help!


I’m turning our mistakes into miracles

Just a few minor setbacks now youre no longer here to literally carry the team!

But bless you friend; it’ll either be the greatest achievement of my adult life or the thing that forces me to exile myself to Runescape roleplay in shame!

Come on; you know you want to! What’s the worst that could happen in a world full of brainwashed gods and fully destructible scenery?!

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Am an individual sign up (though might see a few more of my guild). Neutral signup on Moonfaze please!

Am looking forward to whatever Hijinks this brings

Edit: Forgot to note that I’m going to be gone on vacation for half of it, but if you guys will have me I’m glad to come

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That’s not a problem friend, we’re happy to have you! :smiley:

I’ll add you to the roster!

Individual baited on the hook casted into the depths! Hoping to sign up if you’re open for more dorks!
Neutral - Viroz

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We’re already on the attendance list, but just a small bump to this thread to confirm that we will indeed be there!

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Its clear that the horde yobs need to be balanced out by the gentle soothing glaives of the Sentinels.

Glaivewings 6 -12 : Contact Syruné, Delanae

Can assist to DM alliance side if needed.



Individual sign up by Jack Grimsdale (alliance) with his kazoo - will tag under GW Cadre.


Loud drowning kazoo noises

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DID I HEAR UNDERWATER?! Yes, hello. Individual, semi-neutral Druid of the Fin wants to be in on the action!

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Greyheart Enclave (Neutral)
6-13 Members

Contact: Láreya-Argent Dawn


Dang; look at all these people!

Assuming every guild shows up at full capacity, we’re already on 85 gamers - I’m honestly thrilled, I was expecting 3 players and a bot!

Thank you all for putting your trust in me; I’ll do my best not to let you down!

Could I ask though! I know it’s early days, BUT - if you’ve signed up and you’re available as a DM, would you be okay to join the discord? :smiley: Plans are already well underway in the secret DM Illuminati chambers, and I’d like to get as many people on the DM team in on them as possible, so we can get stuff nice and ironed out well in advance of the big day!


Edgy dog reporting for duty as an individual sign up.
Looking forward to this!

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Might as well make it official. We are signing up too!

Guild: Stormwind Investigations
Faction: Alliance
Contacts: Juniperr, Banastre, Faelenn
Numbers: 10-12

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