All Horde move to Earthshaker!

I did! :smiley:

Let the alliance enjoy their empty realm, the obscene corpsecamping is what brought them this :smiley: byeeeee


What empty realm, its full of alliance.
Ehm why you on ZT forums, this is not your home anymore.

This isn’t about imbalance but the balance of active sixties and the unwillingnes of most horde to do anything. From my experience it takes like an hour to make a group to kill 4 people making fun of us by sitting on the throne in UC.
Btw anyone can say anything, if he wants his mates from ZT to move to earthshaker then let him ask.


Yes! Please! So we will be able to use the boats and flypoints again! 100% alli server with instant bg queues, it sound good.

I would hold the door open for you but I’m guessing you’ve already fled?




I’ll enjoy being able to take the boat from Menethil on my alts :crazy_face:

You sure you belong to the Horde? Those guys usually fight back.

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Lol typical comment of some1 justifying their coordinated graveyard camping with “pvp server” xD

Lol youd love that wouldnt you, why do people like you join pvp servers… ill never know. #winteamjoiners

Lol how sad your RL must be for you to think that way. Good luck dying alone and confused.

Well, i hope you are getting the RP you want, as Horde I’ve encountered little. I’m hoping that once BGs come out it will attract back some of the Horde players that are (hopefully) being quiet.

I mean, this is a PvP server after all…

To be honest I do regret not having rolled on hydraxian, but I found a great RP community here and I’m having a lot of fun.

I don’t know about the rest of alliance players but I’m having more rp than I can handle at the moment with several rp events happening at once affecting my character.

I find that storm wind is filled with people running around and not RPing, also lots of illegal names around.

But you enter a tavern or an inn and there’s some rp to be found, just the other day I even encountered a racist human priest starting a feud with me and a friend for speaking in Darnassian, I enjoyed it.

Contradictory Rumours and gossip are going around town too, fun stuff.

So yes, I am having fun with RP even if it’s not as large as I’d love.

This is an rp-pvp server yes, and I regret thinking that meant RP was more important than pvp, I was wrong the server is filled with people who don’t respect RP.

I though there was come etiquette or unwritten rules here, I was wrong.

I wish things like the following were true:

  • Killing gray player without a good IC reason would be frowned upon and simply not done.
  • Griefers would be frowned upon and not as prevalent here.
  • Flight Path camping OOC was not a thing(you don’t even get honor I don’t get why this is a thing unless it’s for griefing.)

Problem is this PVP players are also PVE players and RP players. Back when vanilla and later TBC was the retail version I was on a RP PVP server( I was on 2 actually 1 for horde and 1 for ally). When I started both had a good population on both side. Then they added BG. The server where my ally players was, where unfortunately placed in a very bad BG with only 4 servers in it. 2 PVE servers, 1 RP PVP and 1 PVP server. Needless to say it was the worst BG of them all. Soon the once that cared about PVP started to transfer off. Later the once that like PVE, but also wanted some PVP went. Some followed suit to play with their friends. I was in the top alliance raidguild on the server, and even so we had problems filling our ranks with competent players, not to mention geared people. This is not normally a problem for the top guild for your faction on a server, but it happened after too many left. The guild eventually split up, half transferred away the other half joined the second best ally PVE guild. With our help we quickly progressed them a long a few more bosses, but they lacked in gear and experience only takes you so far. I eventually transferred off too. Looked later on an alt. There was like 3 people in IF on prime time. a bustling high pop Rp realm got ruined by a bad PVP group. Having some non RPers leave is not bad, but if too many leaves your server will eventually die.

Honestly at this point, yes. Please do. Just trying to get to DM where I had a group waiting on me there were 4 diffrent Horde groups, running about waiting for players to kill and prevent them from getting to the Dungeons.

Oh how could they, evil hordes! On a server owned by alliance!
Or did you just mean Deadmines? Sorry, can’t see your level because you post from your retail char.

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Here’s some if you’re interested. War Council is reoccurring.

Oh how could they, evil hordes! On a server owned by alliance!
Or did you just mean Deadmines? Sorry, can’t see your level because you post from your retail char.

No it’s just baffling how people on the Forums try to make themselves look like the victim. During my leveling time I’ve never once ganked but left them alone only to be backstabbed a few minutes later when they had backup.

The Realm is almost at an even 50:50 and it happens to both sides and players.

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My guild also transfered to Earthshaker a few days ago. and we all agree 100% it’s the best decision we’ve made so far. But lets not complain about it on the Forums… just let the alliance enjoy their server when there are no horde left to kill.


Thanks. Nice of you to visit our server’s forum. Come back soon.


Bye snowflake.

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