All Realms in this Region are now One Layer -- 21 August

Be nice zulp :smiley:

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And you are? I farmed chrille in cdl pretty sure i pwn a random got on dodgemaw. Dadserver and raidlog :rofl:

I guess Black Lotus prices will go up now

Great , wellcome back to q and black lotus hoarders and bots

No, now players who famed lotuses on dead server, transfer to Gehennas with big stacks of lotuses and sell it for 50g each.

Haha, it’s funny because your guild tag is APES and you’re acting like an ape.


Too late, they have already doubled

From 120 to 222 in a matter of minutes on Firemaw Horde.

tHenk u mr blizzard very cool :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No one cares about your BL prices though.

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thx, but its too late… layering destroyed all realms, but no problem… just make new fresh realms without layering, without crossrealm pvp, no transfers and no namechanging allowed and remove the instance resetting, instance resetting wasnt a thing in the early wow days and ban all boosters.


Thank you Blizz but you’re 3 months late


Hi Warriors and Shamans! Come to Mograine :wink:

And now we get the people saying all the threads mattered.

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I hope to think all the threads mattered. Blizz must do something for their audience!

I’m afraid you’d be wrong.

Blizzard had their time table in mind and no amount of rants was going to change that.


Probably fine too. I played a game I loved a lot that was small and listened to the players. And what players really wanted was it to be some sort of Call of Duty clone. And that it became. And then it sucked. And then everyone left. And then it went bankrupt.

Behind every poster whining and crying and demanding changes, there are perhaps 10 ppl who think everything is just fine hence say nothing. I was one of them. Ah well it was fun while it lasted.

If you read the announcement then it doesn’t mention any posts by us at all.

yikes. Rip herbs.

Really need to up the spawn rate some of us have 10k player base


Now that layers are removed people will complain about queues and demand layers again. This is same old story that repeats itself again

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