Am I crazy or....?

I got into several AVs where we were outnumbered by 12 Alliance / 40 hordes. Never happened before. Is blizzard trying to make hordes queue faster by putting us Allys into unfair game? Correct me if I’m wrong? Also to hordes: is your AV queue any faster?

It is because premades are dropping the queue to join another one so they can play together resulting in pugs start a game where they are already outnumbered and therefore on a severe disadvantage.

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Blame premades


Yeah sure, its a premade fault blizzard not able to make proper que line when some1 drops a que.

actually is there fault though

Or maybe premades should stop cheating since you are not suppose to be able to premade av, and bans for those who leave bg to join for other.

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hahahahaha. good one.

That happens in moment when premade grp drop que

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It’s just the premades from your own faction dropping the que and hence screwing you (PuG’s) over - as usual.

Allow queuing as a full raid for AV.

Problem solved. No more trickery to end up in the same one when people can just queue as the raid they want to be playing with.


Everything is not Blizzards fault.

I dont really care that much about premades, for horde atleast its fine without.
But it would also It would allow friends to play together in smaller groups, and not just be stuck with randoms in av all day long.

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should have played alliance if you wanted the ability to organize yourself

Cheating ayy lmao.
Could you explain why Blizzard gave us battlegrounds numbers ?
Ah yeah, thats because friends could be able to join the same AV you play, what alliance is doing due to horde overpopulation. Again, horde chimps fault.

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Classic mindblock attitude :smiley: You must have been farmed sooooooo badly :smiley:

Reminds me the song from south - park - - - Blame Canada :smiley:

I’am playing in premades due to empty solo que games.
Try again, clown.

Yet creating topic , Empty battlegrounds ,

Make your mind please :smiley:

Top kek of the day :DDDDDD

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