AV fix boycott

It’s a bit ironic that you’d be rellying on that since when the burden of proof was on you when I asked you about your old posts about AV map balance that you supposedly addressed at some point you didn’t provide it. I guess it’s just more hypocrisy on your end.

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I really don’t remember anything specific, but are you perhaps talking about when you demanded “sources” for the asymmetrical design claims? Meaning how Alliance is advantaged in certain ways in certain places, while the Horde is advantaged in certain ways in certain places in return?

Are you ******** ***? Is that it? Do you need a source for everything?


The burden of proof is still on you. Now cough it up, or drop it.

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I am talking about you refusing to address any of the arguments about map imbalances pointing to your old posts where you supposedly already addressed every single one of them then refusing to provide those posts even though the burden of proof is on you instead directing people to search the forums for themselves.

And there is no need for such harsh language that you need to censor it. No need to be mean and nasty :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh wait, now I remember. You were just another spammer in another one of these threads repeating the same garbage, and it having been discussed at length in previous threads, I simply referred to the previous threads.

I guess your 1 droplet of energy per day, the same one that kept you from finding the source for:

also kept you from looking at those previous threads, which weren’t even nearly as buried back then as they are now.

But they are still up there though. Go ahead, go find them. All you need to do is search on the forum.

Now, to explain where your thinking goes wrong in so many ways, is that threads like these pops up now and then, each echoing the same garbage as the previous ones, kind of like “resetting” everything that has been said thus far in those previous ones.

Then when one make a reference to what has already been established in those past threads, there are people like YOU who demands a source for those references every time, “or it never happened”. That’s the most asinine way of thinking imaginable.

These are walls of text having been posted, which you demand sourced “properly” in each new thread, because you’re evidently too lazy to use the forum search function.

You know what you end up with if you demand that every single time? Darkness. Emptiness. Nobody except the echo left.

Get your head out of your *** and grow the **** up.

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The length of a post says very little about the value of it’s content. For example this one of yours is above average in length for a forum post yet it’s completely empty of anything useful.

And I have mentioned that I’ve looked through these past threads and have not found anything from you that would contain what you claim it does about things that have supposedly been “established”. Burden of proof is on you to provide them if they do in fact exist.


I actually happen to know you’ve done no such thing. I’ll show it to you, by linking every AV thread from December 'til February.
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Am I crazy or....? .

There you go. Now you can see for yourself why it’s not practical in the slightest to source everything in quotes for your convenience.
But you’re welcome, I saved you a forum search and proved you never actually searched the forum back then. Same as how you didn’t do it now either.

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And in none of those have I found an example of you adressing any of the arguments for why the map is imballanced towards the Horde. If I’m wrong please link your post.

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You’re not gonna get everything in quotes, for both practical reasons and because I’ve now fulfilled my obligation to provide references. I’ll just leave it to someone else to look through the threads, there are a ton of stuff that has been echoed since then after all so perhaps others will find it funny.

But you know what I still haven’t seen? You providing your proof. For saying I’ve demanded the global AV win rates as hard evidence. Still waiting for that one. Or, you know, you can stop lying about other people. I mean, that’s an option too.

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Of course I won’t because they don’t exist. All of your posts are either complaining about premades or making sweeping claims about peoples mentality even though you claim to have addressed all of the arguments as to why the map is imballanced in your previous posts.


Is… is that you admitting you made it up? I’m flabbergasted! :astonished:
Did not see that coming.

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Poor attempt at deflection :confused:

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There is also no proof they can’t win more if Alliance go for a slow game.

There’s no real reason to be going for a slower game, the first clash is what it’s all about. It sets the tone! It also shows you which side carries the bigger punch, or if it’s close to equal. If it’s close to equal, then the side with faster reinforcements (closer gy) is the one that has the upper hand.

It’s just, the players who could’ve made this kind of difference on the Alliance side, all quit queuing for AV a very long time ago. So it’s just a moot point.

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I agree and that’s my point. People claim Alliance lose because the map is unbalanced, but that is not the reason they lose now. The reason is that winning takes to long time for the faction with short queue compared to the faction with long queue. So people that are motivated and care about rank doesn’t queue for AV on alliance. So all you have left is unmotivated players that only care about the rep. And when you only care about rep your main goal is to not have long game. Better to lose fast than to win slow.

No, sorry, that isn’t what I meant by it. I mean that since the BG is decided with PvP, and the first clash is the greatest way to get a read for which side is the stronger one, it thereby sets the tone for the rest of the BG.

So if Alliance would start aiming for slow games, you can’t ignore what happened that led to that point. Which is them losing every fight up to that point where they’re pushed back. That’d just indicate them getting farmed instead of being able to push the Horde back, if they defend.

But there are ways to render disadvantages powerless, like for example sending “strike teams” to cap stuff in the horde side of the map, to force the Horde to run back to take it back and so on. But because Horde tends to defend their side with a small team, you’d need a strike team able to defeat that small defense.

There are many ways to go about it, but having everyone just turtle isn’t really going to accomplish the same vs. the Horde as it has done vs. the Alliance.

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That is true, if people really would start again to aim for victory there would not be this kind of posts but posts AVs taking too long, Resulting a small amount of players called real PvPers happy as they get to enjoy they like the most of the game a PvP.

AV is great field of a batlle, by trying one tactic over and over again and then calling people to sit on a harpy cave aint goin to fix this problem so you have to itself work a way to fix it instead asking big guy Blizzard to chance the game more your liking.

In this post have been told several tactics to counter the Hordes strike against Alliances walls like collecting a strike team, mages aoe bombing team, conquering the Middle point of the map SFGY there fore leaving horde have to fight of it… Mostly people just tend to ask Blizzard that they want and that way slowly ruining the game for others of us

I just want to point out that Alliance have won the initial clash in my last 4 AVs. They had 300+ HKs when Horde had aroud 100hk max, they where much better, but we just continue to defend the flags HARD because we know that most of them will go passive after a while and they always do. I have 100% win rate on my alt so far. That’s not due to some details in a map. Horde have no afk leechers at all that I can see and you see maybe half the Alliance team around. That’s the reason we win 100%. It’s basically 2:1.

This is when the whining beings in /bg and people gets distracted

Ok, well that’s just them losing to their lack of willpower in that case.


And then crawling here to cry that the map is bad and needs to be fixed as they are not getting the victory easily, As you see there is always something wrong everywhere else than himself