Amazing writing, Blizz *slow clap* (Obviously spoilers ahead)

I’m not even gonna bother to type up too much, but good job doing backflips trying to redeem Sylvanas. How far can you go to backpeddle from Sylvanas being a genocidal maniac? Apparently, far enough that you end up turning Anduin into a lame Arthas rip-off just so you can prove a point that the Jailer is bad and suddenly make Sylvanas feel bad for Anduin… or something. Seriously? What now? Sylvanas saves Anduin, Anduin forgives her genocide and then Tyrande and Genn turn against him for siding with their worst enemy, OOOOR, she dies trying to save him/kill the Jailer and she becomes a hero. It’s so ridiculously predictable that it’s not even funny anymore. And all this because someone over at Blizz HQ is probably too in love with Sylvanas that they can’t accept that they’ve written her into a hole and normally would need to get rid of her. But of course, she’s the poster girl of WoW, how can you write her off?!? Jesus Christ…


If you believe that then the next assumption is that they had prepared her way out from the start.

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As far as they initially went to turn her into one in BfA, apparently.

You are complaining about the second iteration of a forceful plot that butchered her character, when you should maybe wonder what made them think it was good storytelling to walk her down the first.

EDIT: And for the record, i personally see the character as irreparable. But backpedalling from chaotic evilness at least may salvage enough of its former self, to allow the principles that dictate an entire playable race, to live on in a way that those that play them, like it.


Yeah, I doubt that. They just winged it then at some point were like “Nope, we gotta kill her off now, can’t do that, quick, find a way to redeem her.”


In my opinion, they should’ve slowly written Sylvanas out of the story when Arthas was dealt with. Every time they try to give her some spotlight now, it just feels like another Sylvanas-fanfiction.

Sylvanas to me, just feels like a character that was created for the Arthas’ saga. She was never a stand-alone character. Yes, they gave her some backstory along the way. But her character, her motives etc., were always tied to Arthas.
So when Arthas was dealt it, they basically had to reinvent her.

Now she just feels like one of those characters who is only active in the lore because of her fans.

I do like Anduin, however the overall cinematic was really not that exciting, in my opinion of course :slight_smile:


They searched for people who do it for low payment.

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Most likely they had no idea how to deal with the forsaken race and just tried to give them new reasons to stick around but I think the majority of horde fans disliked the new direction which was taken.

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I liked what they did with her in Cataclysm and subsequently in the War Crimes novel. Now, BFA seemed to be a logical end point of that (fearing death and loving the idea of undeath so much that she’d rather turn the whole world), but apparently not. Apparently she was working with the Jailer all along, even when we saw her POV in novels and was thinking along completely different lines.

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Did you actually play through her story in Cataclysm???
Or are you grasping at anything in order to try and excuse how they gave her characer a 180º turn in BFA?

Because for anyone that has played through her Cataclysm phase, there are two major defining traits that constitute the LONE drivers of her actions:

  1. Her desire to have the Forsaken faction grow and prosper.
  2. Her unwillingness to commit to ANY other master

How come “the Forsaken are nothing!” and “All shall serve death” Sylvanas, is in ANY way related to her previous characterisation in Cataclysm?

Let alone the other details such as not wanting to draw attention towards her or her people, not wanting to start a global conflict, etc, that were all dumped for the sake of “Bring moar bodies to the death god!” caricature.


to me the main point on the above mentioned post was the sudden appearance of the Jailer even though there were barely any (were there? :thinking:) hints she had been working in someone else’s interests.

Apparently she was working with the Jailer all along, even when we saw her POV in novels and was thinking along completely different lines.

gl hf


Okay, should have clarified. Up until around midway through BFA, Sylvanas’ actions seemed logical. Before that she was willing to commit genocide and war crimes left and right in order to grow the Forsaken faction, she didn’t really care about the Horde as a whole (evidenced both in the Silverpine Forest campaign and also the War Crimes novel).

The burning of Teldrassil, causing a war* and the forceful resurrection of victims seemed to be in line with that.

*: more corpses to potentially resurrect, she was gleeful with this idea in Before the Storm, except she was fantasizing to do it with Stormwind instead

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Probably it will turns out that Sylvanas was rising new undead, just to save them from the Maw, and Jailor. That why she wanted to kill her sisters and rise them 2.
That is how she will get her redemption.

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Nah the writers were planning to kick Sylvanas out of the story but then they realized Sylvanas has a lot of fans so they had to create the loyalist quests (which basically were 'talk to Nathanos about the Horde’s plans, execute those plans either way and report back to Nathanos for a snarky comment) and then made Sylvanas call all of the Horde Nothing and still players were fans and loyal to her so now they have to rewrite what they already planned and messing everything up instead of just following through with their plan and roll out a cohesive expansion.

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Well, they ruined Sylvanas character, in legion (insert warchief) and after that, they retconned the wrathgate incident, so that it was “sylvanas plan all along” lol lol :poop: :poop:. Even though if you happen to create a new undead char, the narrator will tell the new player, that “the forsaken and sylvanas were betrayed, and got blamed for the incident wrongfully”, or something along those lines.

Anyway i can’t be the only one that, chose to follow Sylvanas out of spite, can i?,
(even though i’m quite tired of her antics)

“Zekhan will remeber this” :salt: :salt: UuuuuuH! :scream: give me a break,
zekhan who?!, a meme, oh a nobody, that’s who…

I did that because, i didn’t like the puke worthy, mop plot rerun, that Blizz themselves admitted was a failure, so they wanted to “try again, and make sure that the plot is better this time” smh…

This story was completely unnecessary, because it meant, more horde faction leaders are cannon fodder, more infighting amongst the horde, and so on…

So as i see it, it’s 3-0 for alliance, that has demigod faction leaders :eyes:
all alive and well.
Secondary horde casualties, from a :poop: story: Thrall and Baine.

If they kill off Sylvanas then it’s 4-0 to alliance (as of BFA).
And that’s just lopsided.

Fine kill Sylvanas, if you must, but then don’t forget to kill off the Night warrior, formely known as Tyrande, Anduin. + Malfurion for good measure.

I can already see it, malfurions off screen death:
You stumble upon feathery pile of goo and mince meat, on the ground beneath the zeppelin route, and you spot a small plaque on the pile, " Here lies the mighty Malfurion, that tried to play :chicken: :poop: with the mighty blimp propeller and lost, after he had a few to many :beers: in BB, rip".


Sylvanas in Cataclysm worked quite well. She tried to die but it was worse than being undead, then she tries to preserve the forsaken through some unsavoury means.

Ultimately it’s BFA that destroys it all by making her make everyone wanting her dead.

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I will never tire of her and her Shenanigans and I´m actually sad if she leaves the Center Stage of WoW one way or another. Don´t get me wrong the story surrounding her is absolute garbage but i just like her since Reign of Chaos and i actually liked her more serious, cutthroat approach to problems. Because for the majority of time Sylv existed she did what she had to do with ulterior but unerstandable motives. (Revenge on Arthas, Bolstering the Forsaken etc.)

I like one comment on ru forums about Sylvanas:

what he says is:

I am also offended that instead of stories about the Lords of the Abyss, the Naaru, the Army of Light, K’aresh, the Burning Legion, the worlds of the Titans and the vast expanses of the Great Beyond Darkness, I have to watch videos about Sylvanas and her “plan


Yes agreed 100% with that, but the sad thing is that, that Sylvanas no longer exists. And just because they could not leave poor ol Vol’jin alive.

Yeah, funny that… Even blizz temselves don’t know the plan, and only pretend like they had this all, planned out years in advance.

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They should not have, her as a plot driving evil moustache twirling marionette.
That’s all too familiar, and will only lead to one outcome… Death, like every warchief after Wod, discarded like old socks.

Oh, and separating her from her people (the forsaken) means that the whole forsaken faction lost its identity. + Horde lost yet another warchief, so it’s a double whammy, in a sense.


blizzard would never kill sylvanas, there’s too many horde incels who drool over this rotting corpse and blizzard could never afford to hurt their feelings to lose that sub money $$$

blizzard will rather try to redeem a literal (second) hitler of wow. this will be the most pathetic clownfest I will ever see.

“Yeah she tried to kill off Gilnean humans and yes she almost succeeded in wiping the Night Elves BUT… she feels sorry now so it’s all okay” lmao this game is such a joke. Everything after Cata feels like some pathetic wow fanfic