Arathi Basin Stables roof glitch abuse

People are abusing AB Stables roof glitch where you can go through the ceiling and just camp on the roof where noone can target you or charge you from the ground. This means one person can defend 1v15 there giving alliance an absurd advantage where they basically have one guaranteed base that’s impossible to take back unless the guy on the roof falls asleep. Is blizzard going to do something about it? Or should all my games as horde be to try to rush to stable and hope no ally jumped to the roof so I can do it instead?

If you report the player ingame, they’ll do something about it in about 6 months.


I’ll sleep comfortably knowing blizzard will do something about it in 6 years thank you so much. Time to afk every game I guess.

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people have started to do this on Blacksmith roof as well.
6 month ban to anyone that is reported for doing this (and confirmed for actually doing it) please.

Email with server details (realm time, realm date and instance ID), that it’s in the EU and in Classic, and the name of the player doing it (you can even include a screenshot).

The right-click system is automated, it’s the email which has people going over what’s reported.

Of course, when it’s a Russian you can’t write his name because 6eurcyyyby doesn’t really work well for the rest of the world that doesn’t use the cyrillic alphabet. But include a screenshot if you can.

Do you guys have any official confirmation that this practice will result in a ban or is it just your wishful thinking? I have learned the jump now and was thinking about using it too.

then don’t come crying here when you eventually get banned for cheating.

Ask any blue and they’ll refer you to the email and the right-click system. We all know the right-click system does nothing, even after several months. The email is what’s left to spam. Doesn’t hurt to increase their workload with a just cause after all.

The email goes straight to their headquarters in NA btw.

Has anyone from blizzard said this is cheating? If it’s considered part of the game I might as well use it since everyone else is.

Yes. its considered cheating to “safe spot” (as it is referred to) aka stand on buildings where you can attack players but cannot be attacked back.
people used to do this in gadgetzan (standing on the arena) all the time and GM’s removed them from the roof, gave them warnings, and eventually banned anyone who kept doing it.

there are videos of this on youtube.

I know about gadgetzan and it’s not that I don’t believe you but shouldn’t there be some kind of official statement by any admin that this is indeed cheating and will be banned? I mean if they are not saying anything it means it’s fine so why should I be getting dumped on every game instead of trying to do it myself? The jump is really easy too.

Blizzard isn’t exactly very “hands-on” anymore, those days are long gone.

That’s not at all what it means. It means they have yet to decide anything when they stay silent about it.

Use the email. Spam them. Then you’ll probably see more people complaining about getting banned after a month or so, instead of the 6-month banwaves from their slow accumulation of right-click reports.

ok i give up. you’re just looking for someone to give you the go-ahead.
i repeat: don’t come crying when you get banned for doing it.

Banning people is what you want to, not Blizzard fixing the damn game.


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So, to spell your name, just as an example of how it can go if people don’t include a screenshot when it’s a Russian player doing something naughty, then I’d have to write something like:
“C then a reversed N, then H and after that kind of like an A, p, again a reversed N and then a reversed R. CNHApNR! But not really.”

Just an example of how it can go when people who doesn’t use the cyrillic alphabet try to send an email to while trying to explain who did what when it was a player from Russian realms.
And of course, the staff reading it in NA won’t know it either. Gotta love that.

Screenshots are important when reporting names you can’t even spell. (Same goes for things like the danish O and so on.)

Gotta love target calling in rated BGs with crap like that, and now in Classic too.

(It’s like someone ran the letter A in your name through a pixellated blender, making it very counterintuitive to read, as well as the reversed N’s.)

Meh that seems very wishful thinking to me. If they don’t release some sort of statement saying it’s illegal then it’s fine. Banning after 6 months really? Who knows if we’ll be playing in 6 months. I just wanted some admin to say if it’s fine or not so I could play around it ;S

I wish Blizz would implement a feature with double names for RU-realms, something like the first name is a Cyrillic name and the second one is the simple transliteration to Latin script to not confusing users of Latin-based alphabets.
So you can see my name as ‘Sindria’ and not ‘CNHApNR’ :slight_smile:


lol no, of course not.

this was possible until WOTLK so #nochanges

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Well I prefer to read it like that, Cnhapnr