Arathi Basin Stables roof glitch abuse

Come on, why would you mention russians? People on EU have enough unwrittable nicknames aswell. Take yours as an example. I can’t copy your name from in-game, and i can’t find that e with ^ above it.

Riiight, but the name can be described fairly easily together with server details. Plus, it seems you can write ^ just fine. So all you’d have to say is “Beware but with an ^ above the last e”. Not that hard. Even easier to target call, all you have to say is Beware.

Meanwhile, if I were to try and describe your name, it’d go like this:
“O, with a vertical line across it, a, p, then something that looks like a mix between an n and an r, then another a, then a reversed N with a horizontally curved line above it, and an H. OapRNaNH, but with lots of crap in it!”

Kiinda hard. Even harder to target call that crap, while the e in my name can be called out as an actual e. While if anyone who doesn’t read cyrillic tries to target call your name like that, they first have to take extra time to read your name, and then come up with what it looks like, and then anyone who follows the target caller would have to do the same, because most of EU doesn’t read cyrillic letters. At all. Shouldn’t be expected to need to, either.
This process would have to be repeated for each player from a Russian realm when playing against 'em, as well. It’s absurd.

But I agree, there are lots of names intentionally made to be hard to target call and report via email even on EU servers.

^ Which is why I included that.

Except most names aren’t that hard on EU servers. Meanwhile, cyrillic names are always hard to target call and to report via email for everyone who doesn’t use the cyrillic alphabet.
Which is why screenshots are the only real way to pinpoint such things when reporting via email.

Impossible to target call it via names though. The cyrillic letters 9 out of 10 times doesn’t even resemble Roman letters.

But if the Roman alphabet group is so hard for you to call out, then I guess you agree to my point. That it isn’t good to mix alphabet groups in games.

Or maybe you agree with my other thread, where they should mix even more alphabets and symbols into character names.

I think a screenshot would do the work just fine.

Right, but can’t really target call in organized PvP, regardless if it’s retail RBGs or in Classic, via a screenshot each time.

Anyway, so I guess you agree with my other thread then?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to use the cyrillic alphabet in character names even on English, French, German, Italian and Spanish servers?

Like for example, to use the English client and play on English servers, but with cyrillic letters in your name. Because right now you can’t do that.

Like here for example:

^ This player would obviously prefer to play with the English client but with cyrillic names.

Sure, i was just fooling around btw :smiley: We really do have a true nightmare nicknames for any foreigner’s eye :smiley:

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Hell yeah man, take a screenshot, tab out to Discord, post it for your friends to see there and say “Focus this healer at blacksmith!” because by the time you do that the fight totally won’t be over, they’ll patiently wait for you to take and post a screenshot for target-calling.


All it takes is just to press Printscreen button. You can do the rest after.

Why doesn’t Blizzard answer these kind of threads and just quickly confirm that it’s not allowed? I bet most people are confused about what is and isn’t allowed in BGs when it comes to safespotting.

All I can think of is that they decided that any communication causes more negative backlash than no communication. Their vow of silence seems to be just about the only policy they’ve stuck to over the years.

Whenever they do communicate about what is and isn’t allowed it’s always in such vague terms that you can read it however you want to. Such posts rarely clear anything up at all. The code of conduct and this recent blue post are prime examples of that.

For target-calling during a battle?

Funny that when horde abuse terrain exploits in WSG to get the flag up near the portal or back door in AV its absolutely fine to keep them in game because hey they’re part of the original game albeit unintended exploits that never got fixed, but when it’s the other way around you want people banned for 6 months lol


You don’t think Ally WSG teams abuse terrain? lol
I’ve personally seen that happen.
MANY times.

Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Certain terrain exploits just goes too far, especially in a BG where one person on each team can carry “precious cargo” to be escorted.

It’s more subjective to determine just what goes too far and what doesn’t however, for both sides. Which is why you should understand that in the end it must ultimately be Blizzard’s decision that determines it. All we can do is argue about the merits and the demerits.

Or as Holinka put it a few years ago (paraphrased):
“It’s our game, you’re just paying for the right to play it.”

don’t worry, they will keep that and fix the ally advantage exploit in AB, better roll horde for the superior race

Certainly. But let’s stop pretending it’s only the Horde doing it is all I’m saying.
Besides do you think that the Stables roof abuse benefits horde more than it does alliance?
I don’t.

same has the people exploiting alliance backdoor in Alterac Valley.
All should be banned

u guys do know that getting to the stables roof without exploit is possible, and when I asked a gm about it in vanilla he said it was a clever use of ingame mechanics? on the same subject, only mages can do it without exploit

#nochanges you could do this in vanilla too :joy:

That doesn’t mean it is ok and it certainly means blizz has to fix some things in BG because it is not intented (pretty obvious) so it is exploiting and pretty much against the rules. Tbh there are many exploits in bg’s that also been fixed in vanilla, why we still have them around while people paying fees to play and their service is beyond me.

Stuff like this has been reported multyple times anyway blizz is just lazy, sorry to say. If one notifies that something is broken… it gets fixed but not in classic it seems.

Yea really, Blizzard should fix this NOW. How hard can it be!? do they have only 1 developer?