Are they really doing this?

There’s a lot to like about the direction Blizzard taking in the game in, what with player hou–er, I mean Warbands–and all that. But the fact that they’re actually going to make dragon riding a feature available to brand new players, on their day one character, just completely shatters my faith in their understanding of what makes character progression and levelling for new players an enjoyable eXperience.

You can’t give everyone all of the shiny baubles from the jump. You have to make them work for it in order for the process to be enjoyable and rewarding. Always have a carrot-on-a-stick.

It should be: land mounts → classic flying mounts → faster classic flying mounts → dragonriding mounts.


wow doesn’t have a character progression in leveling anymore, most things are being handed out to you , you don’t even need to worry about the 5k gold for flying anymore , progession starts at max level . before that you’re just wasting your time, at least that’s how it is in retail .


They will still have to collect the glyphs.

Amm no? Aparently all the abilities we have now will be automaticly given to everyone. Glyphs are going away.
At least that’s what I heared

The fact we could use dragonriding pretty much right from the start in DF seemed to imply to me they thought it was a superior gameplay experience for their players, not a reward to be earned. I don’t find it surprising at all.


It’s terrible. I can’t even begin to understand a design philosophy like that. It trivialises veteran players’ time commitment and effort, and creates a huge barrier of entry for new players, leaving them adrift in a tsunami of game systems while trying to sort out a bloated, disjointed narrative.

Nobody wins.


Dragon Riding literally lets you speed around faster than anything else that’s really wild that they’re letting you just do that

Oh. Well tbh I am not one for holding people back on these things. I haven’t had much of a sense of character progression for years and I am fine with that, I enjoy retail.

Classic certainly was interesting to do again and I really felt connected to my character and the reward from earning stuff, I totally get it, but I also wouldn’t want to constantly do that and I would never make alts.

I think that modern MMOs are just not very RPG in that way anymore, at least the ones I play/have played. Single player games absolutely.

it is a superior experience. Which is all the more reason for it to be gated behind a progression barrier, a carrot-on-a-stick for levelling players to aspire to.

How can you even conciliate the levelling experience in, for instance, the Eastern Kingdoms with the flight speeds afforded to you by Dragonriding? It will only shrink the world even more so than the introduction of standard flight did, and serve to further trivialise the experience.

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Yep, well, that’s why and, especially after Bel’ameth is a neutral town, I have installed my Age of Wonders games :stuck_out_tongue:
Back to basis.

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Hey that’s fine, I took a break to play Baldur’s Gate for all of August and then was interested in trying out Divinity and Pathfinder… somehow got back into WoW but they are waiting for me when I next get fed up.

:smiley: Thing is, I think this will be my one and final break up with WoW :smiley: Would already left but I was curious to found out what will happen with Night Elfs and their new home. Now I know so gonna let my sub run in 13 days and then. BB.

Two stroke’s and one pretty massive heart attack didn’t keep me away for long. Neutrality will if it happens hahaha

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tl;dr Don’t give new players the fun things we didn’t have when we started.


Ooft. Well keep tabs with what they are doing on WoWhead I guess, who knows they may surprise us.

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Wishful thinking but I don’t trust blizzard anymore.

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You left out the why.

No, character progression must involve upgrading something, not locking you out of systems.
It’s okay to gain brand new ability to be better in combat, it’s not okay to have actually good flying locked behing something, and i do think that large cost behind the traversal is very outdated gameplay feature, the thing that frustrated me most in classic is 50% increase speed mount, combined with large destinations between quests and comparetively to retail low drop chances it’s implemented this way so obviously to waste your time, and it’s not even engaging. new flying is engaging.

Did you want your “leaving” to be dramatic or something? oh no, how sad, close the door on your way, for some reason every fricking wow player is a drama queen


“You have to do it like it was in order to grant satisfaction”

Kinda what i’m getting.

While thinking about it I can feel some nostalgia about the more slow paced progression, but that’s what you have classic for, not everyone want that.

So basically what the OP is trying to say is that these changes will have no personal impact on their day to day life or how they personally play the game.

They just want to complain for the sake of complaining.

If you just want a hug from someone just say.

I never liked it when they started to give out welfare epics back in Wrath, but guess what, after a few hours, I noticed it had no impact on the way I played the game.

Sitting there saying “but they need to work for it!!!”… so what, get over yourself. You put the effort in and that is what counts for you and no one else in this world, will honestly care about what you achieved.

Just sit back and enjoy the game.


Says who? You? Why?

Also: Dragonriding is literally an upgrade on an already existing system called “flight”.

You say it’s not engaging, but if there’s one thing most WoW players can agree on, it’s that the levelling experience in Classic is superior to retail’s. And it’s superior precisely because of stuff like this; because they reward players in increments, and at a measured pace.