Au revoir hordies!

Just popping in to say that I’m leaving you. I’d love to say that it’s me and not you, but let’s be honest here: It’s you. It’s 100% you and 0% us. I wish you all the best on your dead PVE server, thanks for ruining my gaming time with your incessant griefing, time which isn’t as abundant as it used to be. I’ll be moving to Nethergarde Keep where I’ll have PVP turned off so I don’t have to deal with any more of you spineless cretins. Next time you’re out and about and wondering why you can’t find any alliance players, remember the days when you were camping flight points, ferries, cities, roaming around in massive groups killing those lonesome players 20 levels below you for not even as much as an honor point and then spending the rest of the evening hovering around like the flies on a turd that you are. Ahhhhh the good ol’ days. Congratulations, the Horde won. Enjoy your victory.

Enjoy your server, have a lovely time!

Much love,


Hey man, thanks, so what is the message you are leaving us here exactly? That you are are openly screwing off your Aliance friends or you make a mistake to roll on Player versus Player server?

I wish you very best anyway


It’s just frustrating. That server was home, I knew many people there and ran a guild there, and it’s dead for no reason other than people being bellends. I still keep track of it and counted the Alliance on there at 8pm this evening: 75 people.

I did the same on my new server, Nethergarde Keep, and I could only count to 1998 because the /who system only counts up to 50. The full workings of this can be found here, where I’m keeping a record:

(delete spaces ofc)

forevergaming . co . uk / forum / index.php ? / topic / 7480-rip-flamelash

It’s a shame. I’m transferring my warrior to my new server and leaving Flamelash for good.

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It’s crazy how bad the world has turned into snowflakes, they just can’t take anything anymore!

It’s pvp!!!

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A special mention goes out to Thaek, Pss and Miljogreta.

I popped in to Arathi on my priest to see if I could farm some elementals for a bit, and these guys were also there, none of them killed me and were generally in good spirits. A mage named Match (funny A, no idea how to type it) kept killing me though, couldn’t help himself I guess. If any of the nice guys read this, thank you. Guys like you are the reason I’ve not transferred my priest yet.

You just said in this other thread that you left ages ago. So why do your posts here sound like you just left?

In fact, why would you even make this thread if you left before phase 2, like you said you did in that URL link above?

Do you ever even play on this server? Or do you just write random sob stories on the WoW forums so you can make yourself feel better?
I’m legit confused why you made this thread.

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I rerolled ages ago with the hope that the server would become stable again, but it hasn’t, so I’m leaving and taking my ball with me.

Screw you guys.

Sad how most people make this out to be a Horde vs. Alliance issue.
As if Alliance and Horde players were inherently different in any significant way.

Blizzard messed it up by not having any kind of system in place the ensures a fair fraction balance. Auto balancing is part of any major and succesful video game.

Humans are humans and saying “Horde messed it up by gaking” or “Alliance messed it up by being cowards and leaving” is like saying “Socialism would work if people weren’t so selfish”
Blizzard is responsible to have a system in place that accounts for human nature.

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this isn’t a PvP issue, a vast majority of Horde players would also transfer in the same conditions right now.

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I don’t really understand what you’re trying to prove here Diddums, that in your mind you “won” or something would be my guess, listen you didn’t like it so you moved which is what’s right for you and I support that however I would say move on and go post in your new servers forums, the rest of us on this server are carrying on as normal :slight_smile:


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