AV fix boycott

Only way to fix av is to boycott it as all , horde never gets and never wins , nobody plays av , sad thing is people will farm losses instead of stand for change and some dignity for all.


Agree. The only reason AV is even up atm. is because of those reputation rewards.

There is no other reason to join.


AV broken pls fix


Yes. We need a fix and we need it quickly.

We don’t need this ‘exercise in futility’ BG.

We want a balanced BG.


I farmed exalted AV on the first night of release and the following day.
I’m Alliance and I won 95% of the games and they all took less than 10 min.
If it was possible then, why is it so hard now? Honest question. Did something change?

I thought that’s what we were doing those last 6 months already? :crazy_face:

The meta changes. Now the horde know how to play the map to their advantage, and when they do, winning as alliance is going to be seriously tough. Which is why we are seeing about 98 losses out of 100 games.


You can no longer abuse the queue system to get 30+ people who are on the same discord voice channel and coordinated into the same AV.
That’s what changed.

But you can still abuse that map advantage though. Let’s change it. Together.

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They fixed us being able to skip past the bunker.
They fixed us being able to backdoor into your base too.
And don’t tell me you think premading into AV was in any way fair either.

I’m not saying it was fair. I think it was a necessary evil if you will, the fix I mean. Now why can’t we have our needed fix?

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I farmed to exalted in the first week doing the 10 min games, and only ever (accidentally) joined 3 or 4 30men premades. All they changed was the game ended in 7 min instead of 10min because they had proper tank and healers and pulled Drek effectively.
What actually changed is that Horde started playing defensively, capable Alliance players left AV because they no longer could reliably get 10min games (win OR loss) and now Horde only faces AFKers, low levels and/or rep farmers, and curbstomps any attempt to get through to lieutenants/towers/base.

2% alliance w/r is a bad map design.
People defending bad map design are brain deads.
Bold and clear.



Someone have job, someone have family, someone have friends and someone have WoW forum where cry about their incompetence :thinking:


Take a long hard look at this map. If you still think AV is balanced, there is no hope left for you.


All I see is Horde constantly made to fight much closer to Alliance graveyards even from the very first clash. There’s this little thing called perspective, ever heard of it?

What about asymmetrical balance design? In other words, where you’ve got an advantage, the opponents have a different advantage elsewhere. Ever heard of that? No?

Ok, great. Glad we got that cleared up.

Then you have turned a blind eye to how these advantages you’re talking about really play out.

  • The meta changed, horde started to lock down IWB and turtle.
  • The geared alliance stopped queuing, when I did my exalted the same time as you, there were tons of lvl60s with epic mounts and MC gear, now you get sub-60 green geared alts with 60% mounts in symbiosis with afk leechers.
  • Rankers stopped queuing

The first week was decent, but it was already getting bad by Saturday since horde decided to start turtling. The first 3 - 4 days the BG was out, ally and horde were both cool with 10 min games, 3k honor each, plenty of rep. Then horde got greedy, so alliance started premading, horde starting the hard turtle strategy with 30+ horde in Drek’s room, and 10 people trying to down Vanndar. Premades got banned, and horde locked in the current meta, which is by large unbeatable in a PUG.


At AV launch alliance pugs won all the time. Premades was not needed when both sides rushed. I also got exalted on Alliance and never join a premade and Alliance won all the time the first week.

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That’s really not what happened.

There were Alliance premades running since day 1. Why do you think Horde wanted to lose fast? Because there were too many of dem premades around, that’s why.
This was when the queue time was still at 10 minutes for the Horde.

Then the queue times increased, because the Alliance premades shot up in popularity pretty darn fast. As you said, it took just a couple of days until almost all of the Alliance were doing those premade exploits, which meant almost no randoms left at all to fill up the queue on the Alliance side. Hence, longer queue for the Horde, since Horde kept queuing nonstop at random times, instead of 40 people at the same time over and over again in a coordinated fashion on the same second.

So with the increased queue time, the Horde felt there was no point in just losing. So the turtle tactic became a thing, which showed some success vs. the premades. So it kept repeating itself like that until premades got hotfixed, and Alliance never went back to queuing for AV in as much of a percentage of the Alliance player base compared to the percentage of the Horde player base that queues up for it.

That’s what happened.