Av griefing blizz do something

imgur. com/a/rKNJzdm
looks like alliance have reached a new low, purposfuly spawn camping horde in the cave where they enter the bg, giving them no other option than to afk out, after a 30 min queue… disgusting.

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I’m in that game.

You think turtling vs premades is free or smth?..
This is what we do when we’ve capped our mains.


let the hate flow, also pls afk out so i can get in

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It’s called gy farming. It’s not against the rules.

It’s however yet another reason to allow queuing for AV as a raid. Since it’s only possible when a premade dominates, which is also made much more likely when facing a randomly matchmade team.

Never seen a team able to gy farm in AV yet though. You guys must’ve played REALLY poorly.



This was done all the time on private servers.

Get what you deserve hahaha


You get what you deserve for sucking hard.


gy farming in av is trivial, beccause the max amount of players able to rez at a gy is 10


it’s more of a thing in wsg and ab, where that limit doesn’t matter as much

its more valuable in av because you can trap the horde team in a rez loop where it will take like 2 mins for their whole team to rez

Look at his post history, OP doesn’t actually care that this is happening to the Horde.
He’s just linking it to stir the pot.

I do agree that they should add a “join as group” button to BGs though, they should also randomize the queues to prevent people from gaming the system to run a premade against PUGs so only premades can play against premades and so on.


nothing wrong with whats happening here, horde should just get better if they don’t want to get farmed like this


1188 HKs and counting.


Hell no.

A simple “Join as Raid” functionality is all that’s needed.

Any premade limitation, any limitation in the matchmaking, and people will find ways to get around it.

Years of retail has shown that to be true, just as it is being bypassed in Classic now.

It serves as a social incentive to “group up” before queuing by making it possible for premades to face the non-premades, while to enable this “solo players should ALSO get a piece of the pie” is moronic in nature when it comes to a game like this. Which is something retail has also shown to be true.

You realized that after 5 kills you’re getting literally 0 honor from killing them, right?
Well keep it up. One less premade to go against while you guys are wasting your time there.


they are capped for the week playing on alts, they don’t care about honor

That is true I suppose, maybe it is a little unrealistic to expect something like that to work.
At the end of the day a simple way for everyone to join as a premade without using an exploit would be the best way to go, just the addition of that alone would satisfy me.

prety much this

This was fairly common on private servers to. Its bad rep and honor so its only done for the best of reasons. To make your enemies suffer.

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