AV grp Queu

We need AV grp Queu so we can play like an MMO play with our Friends! Back in Vanilla there was no GRP queu BUT there was only 1 AV per Server so we can play with our Friends… Now we have 1 big RealmPool. I dont have problems that Alliance has premade 40 Player Teams. I just wana play with my Friends. No Wonder People start botting. Every day several Hours Solo AV with 30 minute Queu and coming in an alrdy lost AV where 90% Honor alrdy gone…

(sry english is not my Native Language)

go retail.


Dude add something meaningful or disappear!

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(the only place where English is the first language, in Europe, is in the UK)

Gid gud or reroll ally.

I can not take you serious… Braindead or Troll? Sure i delete my Char after month of Farm and Grind only to make Blizzards Job…


I wish I had such an easy cakewalk in classic as you seem to have. If this is your biggest problem got damn Im jealous of you. I’m alliance and kept dead for 95% of the time of my gamingtime whilst trying to level… 1 vs 100 pvp in P2 24/7 was fun gameplay. With bgs you would think those 60 horde rogues would give up ganking lowlvls who give no honor but nope.

You are able to Read? This is not Classic! We alrdy have Retail Classic version!

Can I have your staff ?

GiT GuD. Go To ReTaiL

only option is play wsg with friends, do not take ranking serious, its more fun.

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GiT GooD. #Nochanges.

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