AV is the worst - Join Horde if you can

I know I know, just another AV whiner thread. But seriously this is getting out of hand. I am playing as Alliance and I win 1/10 AVs, we are getting stomped EVERY single game. The only ones I am winning are the ones where I am fortunate enough to get with a premade group, even then it’s not a guarantee.

We either have 10 people afk from start, have like 8 people below 60 AND fights begin with us only having 20 people on our team.

16 alliance vs 40 hordes. How are we even to stand a chance against that? And you may have 2 arguements (beside duh classic no changes):

1: Am I afk? No I am not afk, I play all of my games active 80% of the time. I usually go afk (mostly mentally) when we can’t do stuff which is every game.

2: Why not join a premade? Excellent question. I am on one of the lowest pop servers, no one are doing premade and I dont have my epic mount. I’ve tried to get in touch with several, but to no avail, if you ain’t on APES level then you can’t join.

But overall, I am not talking about losing more than I win, I don’t care. I’m just talking about not wasting 60 minutes of my life getting 1k honor points, while some people are BATHING in honor because they happened to be premades and/or horde.

To all alliance players out there who think of climbing to any “good” rank . Just give up, join horde instead. You may have 20 minutes queue time, but when you get 4-5k honor a game it’s well worth it.

Screenies (will be updated):

The bg being 16 vs 40:

12 minutes passed and yet we still on 0 honor, much fun:

5 minutes into the game and we are still outnumbered, 28 vs 40:

You can link them by placing a ` before and after the text.

It looks like this: www.google.com

(It’s really annoying when people try to link to stuff by using space like h ttps:// or by skipping the dots by writing stuff like www(dot)google(dot)com.)

The problem is people defending the base on Alliance, more than anything else.

Pointless - repetitive - Ill conceived whinge

That’s what I read

Why not add your whinge to one of the 50+ other whinge threads?

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Oddly enough you seem to reply to all of them! xD


It’s a matter of form

I hope to make folk see that their tears are worthless and to make one big sea of them - to be ignored - rather than lots of teacups filled by the tears of tiny violins

It amuses me and annoyed them in equal measure

I console myself with mirth and the simple fact that they know I am quite correct

Plus of course it’s the only thing any of them post about

Guess it says more about you than me, so that’s fine.


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Horde pug quality worths these 20 mins of waiting for real.
Looks like a heaven after alliance backpeddle squad.


That quality is lost in wsg pug vs pug.

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I haven’t tried wsg, is it better in your opinion or worse? :slight_smile:

Jesus just stop playing pvp…
After seeing 49 posts, this is like the 50th, stop PvP, give it up.
Stop these threads, if Alliance really cared about winning they would.
Get better.
Try to lead, try to motivate them, do some RP /yell, I don’t know.
Instead of whining, try fixing it…

what happened to “haha serves you right for ganking allys in phase 2”? :rofl: :ok_hand:

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alot better in wsg when solo que, and pug vs pug (have more W than loses) but is weeked and many horde premades vs pug ATM

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There is a CROSS REALM discord server, the link is PUBLIC here in forums where you can join.

But of course you need 100% mount. What u asking is getting carried with ur 60% mount. Well guess what? Wont happen.

Go back in open world farm ur mount then join the cross realm server. Good luck.

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Thank you for enlightment, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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So you only AFK in the games that you feel like you can’t do anything in.
Which is every game.
But you don’t AFK a lot.

True, 30 minutes in and being bottlenecked while even more went afk, that is not a loss. Kek.

ooo another whine post from alli with instant queues
them tears so juicy

The OP photos