AV question

Why does horde get at Balinda the same speed as it takes Alliance? That doesn’t make sense? We can’t do the same to Galv…

Cause their cave location is much closer.

Why? Blizz wanted this? Probably when tons of npcs and mines were, the map had a logic

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However it’s curious that when AV premades were a thing, the majority of them decent ones would kill galv before balinda died. Dunno, maybe get 100% mount and rush left in proper numbers? I know I know, hard for pugs that aren’t following a leader on discord to figure that out on their own.

That is only because mages would block horde behind Balinda im talking about pure distance to the bosses.

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Yeah the distance seems to not be exactly the same, it’s been known for 15 years. Adapt and deal with it? It’s not really that game breaking.

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Indeed, the map was literally designed for a more difficult version of AV. So because they provided that retail convenience™ with this massive xrealm matchmaking copypasted (which vanilla never had, battlegroups were much smaller), and put in the sped up and simpler version of AV, we’re now stuck with glaring annoyances.

This is just a player perception issue though, but when making things for the masses, the smaller things can have a great impact.
As premades proved, anything and everything can be solved with PvP. To win the fights provides the advantage, it’s the one absolute in every BG regardless of design.
There’s also a domino effect to the side that can keep scoring the first HKs over and over again, because it effectively reduces the numbers of the opponents and quickly grants an increasing advantage in the fight that’s still ongoing after scoring those HKs. The trick is to not die as fast as the opponents.

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