Baine and Proudmoore's Cinematic (spoilers)

(Erevien) #183

Nice. Sending a clear message to everyone who betrays their loyalties. Hope someone sends a VHS copy to Anduin.


Aww Im disappointed, group 0 :frowning:

(Haiete) #185

You’re TL2 actually.

(Brigante) #186

Seriously? I mean she has been more tolerable this expansion, but she is still showing bizarre inconsistencies and all her past transgressions are just handwaved away. Couldn’t be anything to do with whose favourite character she is, oh no.

She has not. She has had the opposite, the character has not developed, it has freakishly bounced around with little rhyme or reason. That’s not character development, that is a mental disorder, and that is -fine- She has reason to be mentally damaged, the things she has been through, however then suddenly having Kul Tiras go “Oh, no, everythings fine, heck, you can rule us” despite seeing the damage there is just absolutely bonkers.

Unnecessarily patronising, and unmindful of the fact that a lot of people play both sides, however yes, people do change in their lifetime, they are shaped by their experiences. If only Jaina had been written consistently in such a way, this would hold more weight, but she has not. It is almost like they are going “We want her to go super vengeful Crazy and Angry!” “Yeaaah!” “Oh, but also able to Cooperate with the Horde who she hates” “Oh, OK” “But then she goes super Vengeful Crazy and Angry again!” “Yeaaaah!” “Oh, and then Cooperate with the Horde who she hates, but there is a plot twist……” “Really, Wow!” “Yeah, she then goes super Vengeful crazy and Angry again!”
“Wow! I did -not- see that coming!”

“Yeah, and then during the biggest threat to the world, she abandons the King Of Stormwind to Die, when she could have teleported him, and whinges about the Horde some more, because I don’t think we’ve had enough of that in game and in two whole novels”

“Amazing! And there are no repercussions for this?”

“Well D’uh, Its Jaina, of course there aren’t. Anyway, after dodging the whole Legion War, she raises a ship that should be a mess of rotted bits of timber”

“Cool, sorta like the Forsaken do with their ships?”

“hmmm, yeah, good point, she has to look even better than that. Wait, I’ve got it! This ship can -fly-, and has magic cannons, ‘Pew Pew Pew’”

“Haven’t the Alliance just gotten one of those? Y’know, the Vindicaar?”

“Yeah, but that’s not Human and its not Jaina, so Jaina has a magic flying ship with magic cannons, and she like, just Ices away the Blight!”

“Wait, how does she know there even is a battle, she’s been gone a long time?”

“Because…uhh, Jaina?”

“I see, and that’s all it takes to sterilise the Blight, a Frost Mage? Nobody tried this before, at prominent places like, Oh, I don’t know, Gilneas?”

“Yeah, but they didn’t have a Jaina!”

“So Jaina cures Blight?”

“Yeah, and she has a floating ship, with magic cannons!”

“Still, I imagine Kul Tiras is going to be pretty mad at her, given they have a whole anthem saying how bad she is?”

“Uhh, for a little bit, but they get over it because, well, Jaina!”


She Is seriously not a good character.

Also, I do not know what experience you have on working with 8 year olds, but that is not what they do, they do not write static characters, their imaginations jump all over the place, they are dynamic, not static.

This is why I am inclined to believe we are not necessarily talking to a well informed person here…

No one here is actually Horde. Just the same as they are not actually Alliance…

(Minairia) #187

You shouldn’t be surprised.

The only character from Warbringers who will tried for their crimes is Queen Azshara.

Sylvanas and Jaina will get away with murder in all forms and be backed by their fanbases.

(Elenthas) #188

Just as a hot reminder, Jaina’s sadness in her dumb vision quest were about Varian (UC), Rhonin (Theramore), Arthas and Daelin.

She has zero regrets about slaughtering cowering sunreaver civilians in the streets. She believes that killing innocents who had no connection to a crime is correct and proper and no one has seen fit to bring it up to her.

Because I guess racism against elves is cool and okay when you’re a blonde haired blue eyed human from Fantasy!America right Blizzard?

(Erevien) #189

Just your average and alliance biased Blizzard writing.

(Minairia) #190

And Sylvanas forcing Horde and Alliance soldiers into Undeath, whereby lies were spilled to our dearest Valtrois, who was assured it was a free-will gesture should also go unanswered?

again, sylvanas and jaina will be backed by their fans, whilst Queen Azshara will be the only truest character of the three as she will meet judgment for her crimes.


Assuming sylvanas doesn’t get the garrosh treatment.

(Elyssarain) #192

She deserves far worse. Decades of atrocities coming back.

(Minairia) #193

Don’t be silly now.

(Minairia) #194

I know and it will be sweet. It’s why she’s the most consistent of the three characters and why her Warbringers was the most well received.


Are you playing with me? Are you just trying to confuse me rather than make an argument? Hell if I know why Sylvanas let Saurfang take her kill in her war. That is the point. There is no apparent reason. She is a moron who does stupid things for no eason. Why have you not caught on yet? That is not an “opinion”, it is a statement of fact. Sylvanas has low intelligence. She is incapable of making rational descisions.

What tactic? Poiting out that you must Write coherently to be understood?

Can you not just read the Source amterial yourself? Why are you here arguing about it if you have not read it properly.

" Sylvanas’s eyes disappeared beneath the edge of her hood. “They lost their nation years ago. The Gilneans will be furious if the Alliance acts to help the kaldorei first,” she said. “The boy in Stormwind will have a political crisis on his hands. He is smart, but he is not experienced. What happens when Genn Greymane, Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind all demand differing actions?"

She told him right up that Malfurion it would be acceptable for Malfurion to be alive.

"The look in Sylvanas’s eyes gave Saurfang pause. She was more annoyed than he would have expected. If the Horde managed to kill both Tyrande and Malfurion, yes, it would be a great victory that would weaken the Alliance, but the objective was supposed to be conquering the World Tree. That wedge would split the Alliance no matter who ruled the night elves.

Saurfang considered, not for the first time, that Sylvanas wasn’t telling him everything."

As proven by the quote above, that is false.

Pot, meet kettle.

Again, you just cheery-pick information. The “wound” she sought to inflict, as illustrated in the quote above, was to split the Alliance apart, which she failed to do. The plan was o capture Teldrassil to ward off the Alliance, and then hope the Alliance would fall apart because of this “wound”. This is even confirmed in her in-game dialogue. You are just accepting SYlvanas’ excuses without thinking critically. Burning Teldrassil was never the plan, which she admitted.

No. You qre quoting her stating she wanted to inflict a “wound” on the Alliance no matter what not that she planned to burn Teldrassil if Malfurion died as a cotingency plan, which is what you claimed above and I cited.

If a character says “A”, and then claims “Not A”, they are a liar.

Saurfang decided to invade Teldrassil by land rather than sea, and not bring boats. He is a moron, just like her.

(Minairia) #196

Warlocks and Druids were in the Horde’s ranks to cast un-ending breath for the non-druids and to assess the situation quicker for the Druids in their water-travel forms :stuck_out_tongue:


Facepalm, I see now.

stealth away



They almost singlehandedly kept Deathwing at bay during Cataclsym. Also, Cenarius lives in Norther Kalimdor, with all the forces of the wilds at his side.

That was before the Horde commited genocide…again.

Uh…I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the genocide perpetrated by the Horde, displaying their malevolence and disregard of lives? Maybe, they thought “Let us end this war quickly so we can focus on saving Azeroth! Who do we join, the genociders, or the people trying to make peace?”

(Elyssarain) #199

Deathgrips and drags away to never be seen again

(Erevien) #200

You must have missed that huge sh*itstorm and downvote bar back a year ago. Nothing was consistent and good. Only one who needs to die is Jaina and Baine. Period.


The mental gymnastics Erevien have to perform to convince himself to like Sylvanas are quite a sight.

(Daltor) #203

From Jaina’s words it sounds like she will drop him off somewhere else. Possibly with Faol as he seems to be housing all 2 of the Alliance undead PoI at this point.