Baine and Proudmoore's Cinematic (spoilers)

(Erevien) #163

Say it louder for the people in the back.

(Lilura) #164

Jaina is the best written character this expansion. She had what’s called ‘character developement’. Now, I know that may be hard to believe for you Hordies, but people don’t just stay exactly the same their whole lives, regardless of what they experience.
Static characters are what an 8 year old would write, so if you think that’s good writing and what WoW should be, well congratulations; you already have it! It’s called the Horde.

(Garrou) #165

“You Hordies”…then goes on about eight year olds…

(Erevien) #166

It’s truly entertaining isn’t it? Just finished Kul Tiras recruitment btw. Called the ship dawnsailor because being average and generic is all that Anduin/The Alliance deserves to get. spits

(Araphant) #167

Calm yourself before you earn a vacation.

(Elenthas) #168

There’s a strong implication that it’s succeeding and proceeding as planned.

Hints towards this are:
Sylvanas not seeming to particularly be upset/angry that Baine took Derek (a far cry from BURN IT! that we saw at Teldrassil)
Lingering shots of Derek’s dagger
Derek being recovered from Kul Tiran waters (why would he be there if the conditioning wasn’t complete?)
Sylvanas specifically choosing Stormsong Valley (instead of eg. Orgrimmar or Dazar’alor) to arrest Baine, knowing the Alliance would see it.

Jaina’s character since cataclysm has been a flipflop of “hate horde” and “want peace”. She’s done this this expansion with the initial “I’m listening now, Father” to suddenly “We can’t attack, that’d make us worse than the Banshee Queen!”

Her character hasn’t developed, it’s in the exact same spot it was in MoP. Or was it WoD? Or Legion? It goes back and forth so frequently it’s hard to tell.

(Erevien) #169

It’s not that I can lose anything I haven’t lost already. Trust level 3 was denied after my first ban 3 months ago.

(Araphant) #170

Telling you as your mate. And no, you can still earn it. Hala was banned, got to trust level 3.

(Minairia) #171

That’s faulty logic.

Tiriguarde Sound would have been better by your standards.

(Elenthas) #172

Horde doesn’t have a hold in Tiragarde, they’re squatting in a pirate outpost.

(Haiete) #173

It’s possible that only the last 100 days count. So last 100 days not banned? > chance at TL3.

Gonna make a wild guess that Hala was automatically suspended, and that those suspensions don’t count.

(Minairia) #174

Doesn’t make a difference. The Alliance doesn’t control northern Stormsong so arresting Baine in the Horde camp in that location, is neither here nor there.

(Erevien) #175

And Grimfang frotress has this nice, central place in the middle of it. Perfect setting for a gathering.

(Elenthas) #176

Sylvanas was right though, the Alliance do see it so…


What ? Where do I farm it ? :smiley:

No really what are you people on about

(Minairia) #178

Metaphorically speaking.

Which lore characters on the alliance, tells us they saw the arrest taking place. I’d love names and comments with an extra spice of specifics.

(Araphant) #179

You need to be a good boy to get to trust level 3 which allows you to post links and gifs. You need to visit every day, read posts, etc, etc.

(Haiete) #180

To see which TL you are: How to check your Trust Level

Info on TLs: The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

(Elenthas) #181

Shaw has the player watch it.

So the Champion of the Alliance and the spymaster of SI:7 are personally there to witness it.

(Minairia) #182

I concede, but it was expected anyway. In fact, it was expected worse as Jaina thought Sylvanas was going to kill him.