Baine and Proudmoore's Cinematic (spoilers)


Could this be a build up for alliance undead?

(Erevien) #144

I hope not. The alliance don’t deserve undead.


That much I can agree with. And I believe even the Blues playerbase - at least the majority i’ve seen here agree with you.

So I don’t see where this faction v faction hate train is coming from. Apart from the obvious.


Honestly, I doubt it.
I don’t know if this actually means anything, but when Derek speaks the camera focuses a lot on the dagger on his back. The dagger, to me, looks rather new. It doesn’t look as “decayed” as the rest of him. I honestly hope that this won’t happen, but I think that dagger will end up in someones back. Most likely Katherine or Tandred.


Unfortunate. It was an interesting one at best.

I could say it would’ve been nice to limit it to a day, but it wouldn’t have put the ‘very real threat’ feeling into correction.

(Elyssarain) #148


10 chars.

(Rangoor) #149

Agreed. Legion’s whole threat just felt very tepid with the set attacks on certain areas. I genuinely have no idea what Blizzard could do for this though, it is one of those damed if do and if don’t things.

(Durlan) #150

The Argent Crusade is the Silverhand now which lost most of their Supports once the Conflict bwtween the factions reassumed.
The Canarion Circle and the Earthen Ring are busy trying to save the Planet and are not Military forces of a larger Scale.

The Kirin’tor has already Stated through Khadgar that they’ll not participate in this War or support either side so, long as they Both mine and Weaponize Azerite.

Now Finally why would these Factions Join a side over the Factions at War Exactly?
These neutral Factions exists precisely for people not to get Involved with the Wars but a different Callling.

(Elenthas) #151

No it’s not, it’s the Argent Crusade. Just like the Blood Knights are still the Blood Knights, not the Silver Hand.

There were Argent mobs during Legion even, during the Ebon attack on Light’s Hope. How is this not clear to people by now that they’re not the same?

(Erevien) #152

Isn’t that enough reasons to?


That would mean I would resort to your level. So no.

(Erevien) #154

Faction wars plot is the worst thing ever. #facts


Wow, an actual fact from you.

I’m surprised.

(Garrou) #156

Yes, I Wasn’t aiming at the playerbase. I was aiming at the fictional entity and it’s cast.


So just did the Alliance version of the questline. And I have to say two things:

  1. Its sort of disgusting how understandable Derek is to what happened between Jaina and Baine. Kethrine saw Jaina’s life with her own eyes, but Derek trusting and dropping all the personal concerns on words of Baine is just cheap imo.

  2. Seems like Jaina is not taking Derek to Boralus, in his home just yet. So I doubt he will inflict any harm to Proudmoores.

She says there are some who have endured the same fate (or something along these lines) and takes him there. Thats where we split with these two. So I would assume, she was talking about Calia and there begins purifying Derek. :frowning:


I mean, not to support Jaina because she is kind of in the middle-to-bad for me personally, but she did do a good move if that was it.

Derek is a timebomb literally or figuratively. Bringing him back to Boralus is a big mistake without assurances. He’s her brother, yes, but he’s also Undead and Jaina has a lot of experience when it comes to Undead.

Do you want another leader figure acting stupid? We got several of our own already if you want one.


No, I mean she did right move with that. But the potential of Derek killing someone just slipped from our hands. Instead we will get another lightbound forsaken and Sylvanas’ looks like an idiot.

Kinda diminishes Horde’s progress and ability to inflict some damage on Alliance, apart from Teldrassil which was first move to start the war.



I sympathize with the Horde doing something actually impactful in progress, but that plan was bound to fail from the start. I like to think Sylvanas never puts into emotions going against her into the equation.

…Unless her real, moustachio-twisting plan in fact was to kill Calia? For some reason? Maybe get the Forsaken properly into heel.

(Ashval) #161

First there was that stupid peace meeting in Arathi, and now Jaina, the one responsible for the Purge of Dalaran, the one who almost destroyed Orgrimmar, is just going to accept a living animated corpse like that? That undead and humans can simply be together so easily is simply unnatural.

Blizzard have already reduced the Forsaken to moustache-twirling villains, and now they rob them of the very core of their identity, their tragedy. Turns out, no, that the Forsaken aren’t bitter and cruel because they have been, well, forsaken by their former friends and family for their twisted state, no, they are evil just because.

(Erevien) #162

What did you expect from the alliance biased story team. This is an alliance world and horde merely gets to be the second fiddle at all.