Baine Rescue Cinematic


The FIFTH Saurfang cinematic? Earth Mother have mercy on us all!

Alliance allied orcs confirmed?

(Keydiam) #246

Orcs do look pretty good in the Alliance warfront armor. Especially the females.

Yep. The redemption story is already coming.

(Zarao) #247

All those long days fighting Alterac BGs…for him to die because Sylvanas sabotages his wheelchair brakes, and kicks him down a cliff.
On a full HD CGI cinematic of course.

(Blunderhoof) #248

No Frostwolf wheels forever, my son.


It can be arranged to make DK Drekthar. Better than Forsaken Drekthar imho.


A disgrace, nothing more. Greenskin pigs will never wear that proud armor that bears the glorious sigil of Stormwind.


Hush, Daelin’s Legacy. Anduin promised me that the Tauren would get our own unique blue/purple armour.


or Pyromancer’s theory is right and it will be Sylvanas vs everyone else, Horde & Alliance, in the last raid- but it won’t be SoO 2.0 because at the last moment she will reveal that this was her plan all along. And next expansion we will all stand united against N’zoth ( or any other old gods that might show up ). I mean, one can hope :wink:


Most of da Horde hope died wit Vol’jin and Sylvanas. Wat can a Moo do in da face of such odds?


You mean, one can hope that the worst possible ending for the expansion happens?


Well they could burn down Nordrassil as a further insult to the nelf playerbase. Or the rumours of the Siege of Stormwind turn out true. It can always get worse.


But it’s fine, because this is all part of Sylvanas’ super duper plan to save the cosmos, so whatever. There’s nothing that brings people together like a good old genocide.


Of course! Sylvanas is great! That’s what we’re supposed to accept, as a Horde player. :dagger:


Silence, traitor. Stop trolling my waifu and delete your account immediately.


My work is not yet done!

explosions in the air

Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think, we had forgiven? Behold now the terrible vengeance of the Shu’halo, death to the Alliance! And death to the Horde!


Kills with peace and kindness


but it obviously worked, right? Not saying it was a nice way of achieving it or that she was a good person, she certainly isn’t. I just refuse to believe she’s stupid or full-blown insane. Because at this moment she has gained absolutely nothing from the whole war, and if all of this happened for no other reason than her being dumb or a murderous psychopath or mind-controlled, now that would be the worst possible ending imo.


It didn’t work at all, she started a war that is only benefitting N’Zoth. Starting a bloody world war and ignoring the Satanic sword plunged in the planet’s core does not counter the Old Gods at all.


It worked insofar that Horde and Alliance are by now all but ready to join forces against her. Even more so, if she goes for TB or even SW. I mean there’s no way she can actually win a siege of either. With what army? Her supporters are becoming increasingly rare. The war is as good as lost. So either the plan behind it was to bring the factions together against a greater foe, or she’s just crazy and suicidal, which would make zero sense.


Her plan is idiotical then, there is this thing called “Diplomacy” through which you can bring two factions together without having to commit genocide and start a costly and bloody world war.

(Araphant) #264

Tyrande best at this.