Baine Rescue Cinematic


I mean, in fairness, we’re still missing the novel where Nathanos comes to Bashal Aran to meet Tyrande and explain that Teldrassil was attacked on false information that the Night Elves, who had just surrendered, were planning an attack.
Tyrande then is very understanding because she acknowledges Sylvanas had refused to kill civilians in the operation, leaving the escape route to jump off the tree open. A true tragedy, because those Night Elves that survived the fall would be slain by Murlocs in the waters afterwards.
In any case, she exiles everyone who still wants revenge from the ashes of Teldrassil in order to prevent the war from escalating.

It’s gonna be a bestseller!

We just need to incorporate Sira and Delaryn into the insanity somehow. I say we put them into a small camp ingame, from which they, Belmont and a small cadre of undead Night Elves stage attacks against the Night Elves to avenge Teldrassil!
It’s not a perfect fit, but they’re on the other side now, so you gotta make do.


Jainas unstable… mood… is one of the view constants left in WoW… So I guess there is no development at all. :man_shrugging:

Rescue Agent Baine: The real Story.
From the book: “Me and my personal Honour - Saurfang remembers

  • We port out
  • Show starts to play sad music in the background
  • Thrall stares down to Baine and me
  • I stare back
  • He loses this fight (again) and his gaze wanders towards Jainas… staff, I believe it was her staff.
  • He looks back to me
  • I point to her back with my eyes, as inconspicuous as I can in hope Show has hard time playing music and does not see it, and Thrall understands my unspoken words: “Throw your ax, right there, between her shoulders! Her Ice Barrier is not up!”
  • But he does not understand me… he walks over to talk. Who does he think I am? I am not his wingman who found a 10/10, its not time to flirt! We could finish this war just now if he only would throw his ax…

Meanwhile the vibs between T&J let even Baine get some blood in his… legs… allowing him to stand up. We come closer. I could break her neck, like I done to those low level assassin of Sylvanas in Nargrand some days ago, but I guess it would give negative reputation to my Thrall faction. So I only say: “Tell your king, he is not alone”. I just wanted to add “We will hunt him everywhere”, but she ported away. Ok then… I guess my intimidation skills become even better.

So me and Thrall will gain double honour for rescuing Baine as Jaina and Shaw leaved too early.

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No. Stop whitewashing, it’s the same deal. Those “details” are and have been irrelevant to the greater problem.
You choosing to blindside is on you, it doesn’t work with me.


I mean, if “the greater problem” is the writing being jumpy, often nonsensical and riddled with retcons, I concur.

It’s why I joke about it. And equating Teldrassil and Taurajo wouldn’t be half as funny if one didn’t translate the details as well IMO.

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Boring and predictable. It also is hinting on the next expac. Atleast, it’s going to be elune in the next patch.

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The timing of having to work for/with Jaina after she personally tried to kill me in the previous raid is only topped by working for the Orc general that orchestrated the invasion that left a good chunk of the Alliance faction as homeless hoboes in Stormwind.

Quality writing right there.

I mean, what’s my motivation to rescue Baine and cuddle up with the likes of Shaw and Jaina when I play as a Blood elf, Zandalari, Goblin, Forsaken, or even certain orc, troll and Tauren segments? Didn’t they just try to ambush and kill both me and my allies?

Same for the Alliance with Thrall and Saurfang mind you.
And let’s not forget the Alliance Suicide Squad that Jaina deployed in Nazmir.

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Alas, we’re just fools that have no morals and can’t see the bigger picture…obviously. /shrug

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Oh definitly, my beef definitly falls into several of those categories.

As for the rest. It’s not about size or scope, but I think you’re onboard with that, it’s about the aftermath of events.
In case of the Tauren it was supposedly fine and dandy. In case of the Night Elves it’s outrageous…just be glad neither Night Elf leader dubbed the past events as ‘legitimate millitary actions’, even though in practicallity it’s the same deal.


Can’t wait for the new Siege of Thunder Bluff raid cinematic, where it involves more strange sudden happenings that we totally did not expect.

Hamuul Runetotem approaches Baine, who is looking out into the incoming armies of Sylvanas.

“My High Chieftain, they are coming.”

Baine glances over his shoulder.

“Wonderful. Set the Hammer of Khaz’goroth, won’t you?”

Hamuul bows his head…


That dialogue is so out of place. Baine would never speak so elegantly.


Anyone who would rise against my new Horde will be IMPALED upon the totems of Thunder Bluff!

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there fixed :slight_smile: thats more like Baine.
Unless your a forsaken then he is gonna ask you to leave harder and if you dont he is gonna break your spine maybe.


We will be waiting for you. I will crush your head under my boot Sylvanas scum.

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Old God scum please. Save the correct formalities here. And you can’t bite me, Thrall loving greenskin :slight_smile:

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Horde civil war above me.


I don’t have anything to do with Sylvanas Fanboys…

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Shouldn’t you be an Imperial Fist? I mean, you are a monk…


Well this is maybe really a plot for third faction. Life & Death theme. Everything is happening so slow :confused:
But I like the Cinematic.
I am not sure about the part with peace. Tyrande , Greymane…

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We both serve the tentacles now!

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Why we Night Elves should save one of the Horde leaders, who have send his forces to burn down our home in the War of the Thorns ?

Because he is a friend of one of the Humans Kings ? :poop: