Barber shop and TRANSmogs

Hello everyone,

So some of you have many seen, Blizzard has said there is a free upgrade from male to female in the latest expansion.

This is a great move by Blizzard, and I fully support it, thank you!

However, a lot of autogynephiliacs and frigid people play Classic WoW too, is there no way Blizzard can extend this free service to Classic WoW? So maybe if we implementing a ‘Barber Shop’ possibly agp people would be okay this game. Also as a fully fledged feminist I’m shocked and appalled that this option is not available yet, so please add TRANSmogs.

The game has already had significant changes made to it compared to the original version just look at the AQ gate keeping.

This change would have zero impact on anyone but the owner of the character.

I think it would be a great oppurtunity for Blizzard to show further solidarity with autogynephiliacs and other cross-dressers such as non binary etc.

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So you’re telling me that going from male to female is an upgrade? This is 2020, and I am officially offended


Sexual arousal is not appropriate for this 12+ game.

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I pray to the old and new gods we wont have barbershop and transmog in classic.

Yes I enjoy it in retail, but…really?

Good luck arguing this to the “vanilla with no changes” mob, but if you can convince them I don’t see why not.

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Exact copy of this trash post

Reporting for spam.

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Classic is for the alt right. All the xers play on retail

Here we go again with the slippery slope arguments. At this point it’s probably just best to flag for trolling and move on…

your character =! you


If you cant live with the character you created less than a year ago, well thats a you issue. Maybe you should have spent a few minutes longer on that, or just simply create a new character


If people were their characters about 80% of the characters would be obese.

Especially these dudes who roll elf females shudders

Barber shop yes. I’ve yet to see a good argument against it. Paid name changes and appearance changes for £19 each and a 90 day cool down also makes sense.

It’s all for naught, however, this game needs boob sliders, but there is none, so it doesn’t matter anyway, nothing matters.

I rather call outfiters rather then transmogs, seems better. I wont argue with barber shops I am okay with it because it doesnt affect my gameplay. outfitters (xmog) good as long I can dress this rogue into a biker