Battlegrounds, dungeons and raids not working

I am sure they can find more important to fix before that. Class nerfs in SoD for example. Or maybe they finally fix the T3 belts? I mean dungeons and raids can’t be that important …

Ok Guys…
We found out, that ERA servers are back to P1.
DMT, BGS, ZG, AQ20, PVP Towers are gone.
Only p1 stuff is there…
Bliizard indeed is S…t!

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So… Classic- ? XD

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Dear Blizzard,
lately I experienced a lot of problems on Your side.
Restarts of servers are such a joke. I understand You have to do that, but it was too many times lately, and always on time when I could play. I lost a lot of honor because of You, currently bg are not working. I demand minimum 1 ranking up as compensation. Just do it, not “sorry” as always. I have been playing this game since 2004, I am not a newbie. And do something with people who have been reported by other players, who AFK all the time, for example (Pr and Pf). I got warned I used “bad” words, which I have not been used, so it is just a mistake for me what is going on lately… A guy who AFK for a month on bg- still plays, despite of reports. Keep Your s…t together and do something, we understand it could be some problems, but not as much as we experienced lately. We pay for this game, we want it to works. Sorry it is too much for me, I had to share this feedback with You.

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It’s open season on the dungeon bots though, lots more honor per hour to be had there while they can’t get into dungeons… :eyes:

sadly only DMT is blocked in P1 :wink:

Time to do that Qiraji mount quest now …

Still down 2 hours later, I can only take this to mean they haven’t noticed yet, or they simply do not care.


They answered on US forums now:


We’re aware of the dungeon and Battlemaster issues and are digging into it right now. I suspect that the other issues that you listed are related too. Thanks for the report!

Chop chop! Fix this now.

Let’s see how long it takes them to reboot the instance server

It’s not the instance servers, but some setting (I guess) - Classic is back at phase one so all dungeons, raids, items bg’s which werent present in Phase 1 doesnt work.

That would explain why BGs dont work, why Dire Maul fails and Chrono boons are not available.

But as usual: Blizzard are completely silent on EU forums - like they forgot there were anything outside the US :frowning:

Give us back the BGs. First no Bal and Galv than this ofc

they force us to play sod , this is what is going on , 2nd time u laugh with us since sod got launched

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Seems to be working now, i could join AV que

it worked for a few moments, again not working

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aaaaaand it’s down again, got a pop but was not aible to join


Stop breaking Era Blizz. Some of us don’t want anything to do with SOD and you are stopping us from playing Era. Just make SOD seperate in every way and leave us be

I don’t know Blizzard manages to destroy everything everytime they release something completely unrelated - even to other versions of the game.

Fix what’s broken and then please PLEASE leave Classic alone. #NoChanges,


So Blizzard? we will receive some compensation?