Battlegrounds, dungeons and raids not working

I keep wondering if in any way the Classic Era servers and the SoD ones aren’t connected because it’s weird how Era has had some issues lately.

Well, seems likely - I mean, SoD shares the same launcher with Classic Era

Sir, you msg is the best i ever read about Blizzard’s fault. let me use it

Dear Blizzard,
lately I experienced a lot of problems on Your side.
Restarts of servers are such a joke. I understand You have to do that, but it was too many times lately, and always on time when I could play. I lost a lot of honor because of You, currently bg are not working. I demand minimum 1 ranking up as compensation. Just do it, not “sorry” as always. I have been playing this game since 2004, I am not a newbie. And do something with people who have been reported by other players, who AFK all the time, for example (Pr and Pf). I got warned I used “bad” words, which I have not been used, so it is just a mistake for me what is going on lately… A guy who AFK for a month on bg- still plays, despite of reports. Keep Your s…t together and do something, we understand it could be some problems, but not as much as we experienced lately. We pay for this game, we want it to works. Sorry it is too much for me, I had to share this feedback with You.

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