Beast Mastery spec bonuses

Which is why i think people actually vote it to be honest.

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Dear God,

The s3 rework isn’t the tier set you Einsteins.


Oh lord so many voting for s3 :woozy_face:

Pls watch videos - s2 is the way to go…


Legit makes me so sad to see s3 winning, might skip out on fated.

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I voted S2. Very sad to see S3 winning, as it is weaker.


Seeing a few people only talk about which tier is the strongest so I’ll put this here

!vote s2 already!

Considering how lazy they have with balancing lately + the absurdly lazy choice of just having S4 consist of all DF dungeons (all of which are awful) instead of any old ones. I wouldnt bet on alot of balancing being done in S4 at all.

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Actually, you can change your votes by clicking “Hide results”.

How can people vote season 3? Season 2 was the best by far. Total idiocracy.

Please take into consideration that there are many BM haters and they are sabotaging by voting season 3.

Season 2 was clearly the best in terms of tier bonusses and seconday stats.


Thanks…just shows how many billow Hunters are on the road. S2 is by far the better one…and thats a fact!


Are you really voting S3 ? Please get some info from and vote S2.

A regà dateve na regolata, Season2.

Come on if s2 is best and people are trolling why would developer let people decide when there are /b people who love to vote bad for people

Oh. My. God. Come on! Don’t be such a stupid hunter and choose S2!
You ruin our S4 with that choice! -.-

Just NOPE at all…

Because Bestial Wrath uptime s2 has far better output with current talent choice since the s3 tier got nerfed, and people seem to igore the fact that the rework to call of the wild plus s2 tier is strong combo

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They literally said it’s gonna be tuned :smiley: so even if you choose s1 they will scale it and tune it to be on par with season Numbers
poeple are so clueless when it comes to anything these days

You are putting a lot of faith in blizzard here, faith that’s not really warranted. S2 has the highest odds of being strongest.