Been gone for a while - what the heck happened?


So, I’ve been gone from the RP scene for about a year and find that I hardly recognize anything. Or well, that’s perhaps being a bit too harsh. But it seems that a lot of great guilds has disappeared? I read that Perroy is dead (IC), is the Rotgarde still a thing though? And the Eclipsion Blade, where did they go? And the Sun Hawks are they disbanded? Help. How did I miss all this. I feel so lost.

But is he?
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ERP scandal.

Went inactive, I think a couple still hang around but others formed another flying guild.

Always was.
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Glad to hear the Sun Hawks is still out there, though under another name. Do you happen to know which guild they are? I could perhaps fancy joining them when I’ve gotten a character ready.

Rotgarde and Grim Gest are on the run together as Sylvanas Loyalists. As for Perroy:


The rumours of his immortality are drastically understated.


Hey there! Just as a follow up to the above mention, we are indeed about as an option out there and still open for sign ups :slight_smile: If you want to talk more myself, Lavellan or Ashleaf are available online or just come on by and RP with us. I am pretty sure that Brigante has plans for the Sun hawks though I have not spoken with him for a while to find out what those plans are, but he’s still around as well. Welcome back!

Not quite, but dead, thankfully (I know Vorathel is scurrying around on an alt/new guild).

Basically Thalassian Skyguard without the main source of problems in it


IC, EVERYONE in the Rotguard, Grim Gest, and other similar guilds are dead. Medically, at least. Probably have been for quite a while.

On a more serious note, a lot can happen in a year, so the landscape for RP can change about a lot in that time, but you’re also coming back during a particularly rough time in BFA’s development cycle. Nothing’s new, and people are understandably getting burned out. With pre-patch coming that may change, though I’m not 100% sure personally if it’ll bring back the burned-out side of the playerbase. With Shadowlands coming soon™ that might change, but the delay’s probably gonna extend this content drought and thus extend the time that some guilds are inactive for.


Thank you for your response ^^ As of right now I don’t have a character suitable for joining you guys yet, but once I am leveled and set and all that I will most likely be in touch :slight_smile:

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Welcome back to AD :hugs:

After Eclipsion Blade came to an end, some of the members (notably Aeranthiel) founded the Blood Ravens. Traditional Farstrider RP.

Check it out here!

Not dead (yet).

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